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Google September 2019 Core Update: Things You Should Know

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Google published a global Core Update to its core algorithm for the third time in September 2019. This Google update covers all search indexes and markets as it includes changes to the core of Google's ranking algorithm.

Google Core Updates via Twitter

Google has adopted this new communication strategy for its updates in 2019. Most core updates that affect the workings of the ranking algorithm are announced in advance via Twitter.

Earlier this year, shortly after the roll-out, Google suggested and confirmed a name for the March 2019 Core Update. Again, in June, it announced the June 2019 Core Update before rolling it out and provided the name via its Search Liaison Twitter feed. It was therefore not surprising for Google to suggest a name for its September 2019 Core Update via Twitter.

Google’s Search Liaison Officer, Danny Sullivan, provided few more details on the update stating that the September 2019 Core Update would take a few more days to be fully completed and that it would affect all global search indexes. He also added that Google is not to keen on updating the completion of the roll-out as it could create a misleading impression. Google introduces smaller updates continually and declaring the completion could create scope for false interpretation.

Impact of September Core Update and its Analysis

As of now, like the Core Update In June 2019, the latest update fails to show any consistent trend. However, a wide range of healthcare and financial services have reported having been affected by the update.

Mozcast, a ranking volatility tracker recorded a high level of turnover on the 24th of September and more movement in the SERPs than the usual. Also, the following days saw some changes too. A few users have even reported the changes in the Webmaster World forum. So, this far it can be easily said that the latest update lacked the much-needed punch. However, Google is still making the algorithm adjustments needed for sensitive issues such as money and health. We would like to add, that for any update analysis, changes in SEO Ranking and SEO visibility are not always a direct consequence of the update.

What can Webmasters and SEOs do?

To know more details of the changes to the algorithm made by Core Updates, you can refer to the August post in the Google Webmaster blog. They have explained what webmasters and SEO Experts can do if they have been affected by a Google Update.
If you have seen a drop in your rankings following an update, it means that you haven’t violated webmaster guidelines. It may also mean that you have not been subjected to any manual or algorithmic action. In general, the changes are focussed on improving the evaluation of the content.

According to Google, the changes mean that websites that were previously overlooked or nor given the due credit can perform better now and vice versa.
To understand the analogy of the Core Updates, let us use an example. Suppose you have a list of 100 best movies in 2017, the list can be updated in 2019. The updated list will include new movies and it will also change the way you view older movies.

Google suggests that webmasters and SEO Experts simply focus on offering the best content on their websites if they have been affected by a Google Update. You may consider the following questions when auditing your website.

1. Content & Quality

Is your website offering informative and original content? Do the page titles and descriptions reflect the content? As a webmaster, would you share the content with your friends?

2. Presentation & Production

Is the content well researched and well produced? Does it include too many ads? Is the page loading on all the devices?

3. Expertise

Does the page have any errors? Is the content credible? Would you trust the page, as a webmaster?

4. Competitive Comparison

Does the website add value compared to your competitors? Does the content answer user’s queries?

Do remember, Google doesn't provide any universally-applicable advice regarding what needs to be done following a Core Update. However, it is expected that webmasters answer the above-mentioned questions honestly and compare their website with competitors, focusing more on the quality of the content they are offering.

You can request further information and analysis of your website by Google SEO Experts if you have been affected by the Google Update.