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Art of Storytelling

Stories are what connects us as Humans, but are you doing it effectively?

We humans have used symbols to communicate, then we discovered scriptures and gradually we are now shifting to a more robust IT structure for communication globally. 

Informative and engaging content is a must if you want to make the right impact online. We need to communicate correctly to give out the right message out. 

We don’t just create amazing content for your website but also extend it across all platforms and reach the people you’re trying to get through.

Content Creation

Truth to be told, all businesses that wish to reach to more users online and determined to drive sales, need content creation services. SEO optimized content reflects the specific needs of the customers and that is the need of the hour.

At Quest For Tech, we have a dedicated team of content writers and editors who ensure to write high-quality content according to your business. Our writers excel in writing stories to the people that matter to you.


The team will do the research, analyze your current and potential target audience and create content that will make your brand more authentic. 

Below are the categories where we can guide you in: 






Landing Page














Blog writing is a great way to put up content on what your brand stands for. 

Interesting and informative blogs help bring you more visitors and boost the number of inbound links from other websites. This will result in better indexing of pages from search engines and increase readership of your website. Some interesting facts about Blogs:


There are more than 20 Bn Blog Posts Views only on Wordpress!


Businesses who Blog, experience 126% more traffic than others.


About 70% of readers only skim through the article than reading it.


Video in a blog is driving 50 times more traffic than without Videos


Website Content

Your website speaks about you and users judge it based on its intriguing design, ease of navigation and SEO optimized content.


However, if you have poor and haphazardly placed content on your website, even a well-designed website will not be to create the impact with the users. If the pages aren’t engaging, your whole business will be perceived as unworthy and lose its credibility. Let's check some data on how important content is for website:


Great content attracts more visitors to stay on the website for longer time.


Bad Content can directly impact your Brand's Positioning & Genuineness


A user's attention is majorly focused on the top left corner of the Page


Fancy fonts are usually ignored so avoid using them in bulk.

Product Description

Everybody is shopping online today and product descriptions are more important than ever. If your business includes e-commerce then you need to have everything in its ‘right’ place if you want to boost sales.


Poorly written product descriptions may even cause more bounces than the click-through rates. Therefore, you must have an informative and engaging product description.

Don't believe us, see the stats:


Roughly more than $150 Bn are spent on packaging every year 


A validation on packaging has seen increased sales and higher Brand Recall


63% Americans said, Matte finish of the products gives it a more attractive look.


More than 60% people read content before buying new products


Landing Page

Landing pages are an important part of your online marketing campaign. You have to get it right if you do not want to miss out on the sign-ups, leads and conversions. Here are some of the reasons why you need to have persuasive content for landing pages.


Companies see 55% increase in leads by increasing landing pages


Long landing pages can generate up to 220% more leads


1 second of delay in your Landing Page can result in 7% reduction in conversion


Using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86%



Emails are a great way to stay in touch with your clients and prospective customers and a great way to boost the conversions for your business.

With a strong email campaign, your users are sure to read your emails and build a strong business relationship with you.


About 2.7 million emails are sent every second around the world


58% of the people check their emails first thing after they wake up


About 51% of emails are opened on a mobile device around the world


It is found that Personalized emails improve conversion rates by 10%



Infograhics is a great way to tell a story. Right from conceptualizing to posting, the story is expressed in various forms of Charts, Data, Graphs and so much more...


Infographics has picked up really well in recent years and are great in explaining detailed research reports and sharing information in a creative way. Lets have a look at some interesting data:


Pictures have almost 600 times better engagement
than text based


90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual


Today 83% of learning is done visually even in schools


Infographics can increase your website traffic by 12% thereby increasing sales


Social Media

Most people are online today and love to spend their time on social media handles. Recent surveys have revealed that people look up for brands on social media and are influenced by others. Most users trust discussions on social media and make a purchase.

But recently we have seen trends in Hashtags and people are loving innovative content. Content remains a major distributor in Videos, Rich Images or graphics. 


On average, people have 7.6 social media accounts


There are about 125 million Hashtags that are shared everyday on Twitter


Social Media posts with Content usually has a higher Engagement


Meme because of their creative content have been widely accepted



A well-designed newsletter is crucial to building your brand authority by increasing exposure and staying connected with customers.

Newsletters are great in communicating your company affairs to the people who might be interested in know more about news, data, stats and analysis of your company. It may also be sent for sharing interesting articles, blogs, etc. 


83%of B2B companies use e-newsletters as part of their marketing plan.


73% of Millennial prefer Email communications from Brands


Mobile accounts for 46% of all newsletters to open which will increase


59% of the respondents founds newsletters as their source of shopping. 


Nothing speaks more directly to your customers, stakeholders and employees than a video. Good videos must showcase clarity, brevity and motivate prospective customers to learn more and move them to the sales cycle, faster.

Great Content in a video is engaging and easy for people to understand with Visual. 


56% of viewers from Mobile share the content with subtitles.


Businesses using original video content see's 49% revenue growth, YOY.


Over 51% marketing professionals have received higher ROI.


An email with a Video Content has a much higher chance of positive ROI


Press Releases

Nothing speaks more directly to your customers, stakeholders and employees than a video. Good videos must showcase clarity, brevity and motivate prospective customers to learn more and move them to the sales cycle, faster.

Great Content in a video is engaging and easy for people to understand with Visual. 


A well written PR can improve your Brands Positioning among users.


71% of PR Journos are reading online PR to gather content.


More than 80% people around the world prefer online Press Releases


60% PR Agencies believe Influencer PR is becoming more reliable.


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