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10 effective tips to get more subscribers on YouTube!

10 effective tips to get more subscribers on YouTube!

Did you know that YouTube has about 2 billion logged-in monthly users? On average a person spends about 11m 24s per day on YouTube. Such is the popularity of YouTube! However, with the endless library of video content, YouTube is also a place for cut-throat competition.

So, how can you stay ahead of your competitors? How can you steal the viewer’s attention to get more eyes on your own YouTube channels? How to increase YouTube subscribers?

This article is just what you need!

It’s time to get returns on the time you’ve invested in that video.

Here are 10 tips to grow your subscribers on YouTube.

1. Evaluate your YouTube channel

This is the first step and an important step that you can’t afford to miss. You have to evaluate your channel and check for outdated, low-quality, or just lame videos that should have never been put on your channel in the first place. Such poorly produced videos are sure to turn that lead off and even cause people to lose trust in your brand. So, delete all such videos ASAP!

2. Write an amazing channel description

Your YouTube channel description can make a huge difference, especially to your YouTube SEO.

This is a perfect example of a channel description because;

  • It lets you what the channel is about

  • Provides you with important information on the channel

  • Includes an impactful call-to-action urging user to subscribe

You may use the following template to write a compelling description for your Tube channel.

3. Create and post only highly engaging videos

YouTube is an ocean of videos and most people assume they can get away with posting poor content videos. That’s not true!

On the contrary, you have to create the best of the content related to your industry if you really want to stand out and grow your subscriber base.

The best way to achieve this is- PLAN.

Yes. You read that right. Planning during pre-production is very important.

  • Research

Watch as many videos as possible. Be it your competitors’ videos or videos related to your industry, watch them all!

Now, by watching we don’t mean, you watch and do nothing about it.

Jot down intriguing moments in the videos and make notes of anything that holds your attention.

Avoid copying your competitors. Instead, do it better creatively and make the video more engaging.

  • Write an impressive script

Most businesses underestimate the power of a script. But it is important.

Plan out a script, read it, re-write it, read it and rewrite it again. This will ensure you have the perfect script.

A powerful script will take your videos to a new level. And, you must make sure you have one.

  • Make first 10 seconds of your video highly impressive

About 20% of viewers drop off within the first 10 seconds of your video. That is why you must ensure that the first 10 seconds of your video is really impressive.

Make sure that you have a great introduction that will compel your viewers to watch further.

Also, make sure to publish videos of at least 10 minutes duration. This strategy will boost your video rankings in YouTube search results.

4. Leverage exceptional channel trailers

YouTube offers this beautiful feature known as channel trailers that will help you grow your subscribers’ base. As the name suggests, they are nothing but short trailers that play automatically when a visitor arrives on your channel.

Channel trailers are a great way to increase your subscribers if you create highly compelling content.

Simply put, make sure that your channel trailer is of 30- 60 seconds that is loaded with emotions, compelling content, and is hilarious. Additionally, the channel trailer must include an impactful call-to-action that gives users a reason to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

For example, watch this trailer from SoulPancake. It has a perfect length, comedy, motivational emotions, and a creative call-to-action.

5. Create videos with high Watch Time

Watch Time is a highly important YouTube ranking factor and not just for YouTube SEO.

Videos with high Watch Time are often promoted on YouTube’s homepage.

To increase the Watch Time, make sure to include a lot of Pattern Interrupts to make your videos more dynamic. People enjoy watching Pattern Interrupts. Remember, your Pattern Interrupts need not be complicated or too fancy.

6. Embed YouTube videos in your blog posts

Your blog is a great source of views and subscribers. Unfortunately, it is often untapped.

If a user is reading your content means that he likes the information in it. And is more likely to subscribe. Therefore, it is important to embed a lot of videos in your blog post.

Try to embed videos that help people to learn something from the post.

Remember, by embedding, you can get your videos in front of people who are more likely to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

7. Include powerful CTAs to your videos

Use your creative skills to create powerful CTAs that will give users a reason to subscribe to your channel.

Wondering how to include a CTA in your video? We have you covered!

YouTube allows you to add end screens and cards to your videos.

What does it mean?

Well, the end screen is a screen where your call-to-action will appear at the end of your video. You can use the end screen to point your users to the next video, encourage them to subscribe, promote your website, promote a crowdfunding campaign, etc.

The end screen allows you to choose from among four elements depending on your requirements.

If you are not happy with end screens, you can check out YouTube cards. These cards allow you to add more interactivity during video such as point to a specific URL, promote your channel, show a video or playlist, or even polling your audience.

8. Create compelling Thumbnails

Your video thumbnail is the cover of your video and will determine whether a visitor is going to play or not play your video. Therefore, it is important to create a custom human YouTube thumbnail.

The best way to achieve this is by using smiling images of humans making direct eye-contact as your video thumbnail. This will be absolutely engaging as people relate to it.

9. Post consistently

Consistency is the key and so it is important to post videos consistently.

Subscribers will not stay subscribed if you don’t update your channel regularly or keep long gaps between your posts.

Moz has a wonderful series called the Whiteboard Fridays that includes a weekly video with a breakdown of SEO concept on a whiteboard. These videos are well produced and are super engaging and are consistent.

If you can produce a re-occurring series like this, you will provide your subscribers with consistent video content that will not only help you keep the current subscribers but also attract new subscribers and subsequently increase video engagement.

10. Promote your channel

This point is self-explanatory.

Promote your channel in Webinars, Ebooks, lead magnets, presentations, and even podcast interviews.

Don’t forget to promote your YouTube channel on social media - in your LinkedIn group, Twitter chat, Reddit, and other popular online communities in your industry.

In short, spread your video content when relevant.

Final Thoughts

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and you must leverage it to promote your brand in a big way!

Create your YouTube channel and post videos consistently using the above mentioned tips and you are sure to see an increase in your subscriber base.

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