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10 useful blogging tools that generate awesome blog topics

Updated: May 26, 2020

There’s no denying that content is the king and people are always looking for fresh and informative content all the time. However, writing content for the web can be a daunting task for most writers. Thankfully, there are apps that help generate useful ideas for blog topics.

Here, we have listed a few blogging tools that will provide you much-needed inspiration.

1. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

HubSpot does not any introduction. It offers a host of online marketing tools that help businesses grow. Additionally, it runs a blog that offers helpful tips for digital strategists and has built its brand on the content marketing front.

And that’s not all! HubSpot also offers a free tool that generates blog topics based on the keywords you wish to write on. All you need to do is enter 1-3 keywords in your niche or topics that your readers prefer, the app will then suggest a few titles.

Do note that the app is meant to be used as a starting point, you will have to write the content once you have the title suggestions before you.

2. The Blog Post Idea generator

Are you looking for some blog ideas without even entering a keyword? Well, the Blog Post Idea Generator may just be the right tool for you. All you need to do is click a button. That’s it and you are good to go!

Sometimes, however, the tool may provide you with results that require you to fill in the blanks.

The Blog Post Ideas Generator is more suitable for mommy bloggers than businesses. However, if you have a serious writer’s block then you could use the tool to nudge you in the right direction.

3. Blog Title Idea Generator

This title idea generator is hosted by Inbound Now- a digital marketing company.

Here, you need not enter any keywords to get your topic idea. All you need to do is get the app and you will find a title on the page.

If you don’t like the title you have received, you can simply click on the “ Click to Generate Title Idea!” button to get a new title.

4. Link Bait Generator

This tool lets you click to pick. You can simply add your subject and get several titles that are meant to act as a “bait”. However, do note that though the tool provides you with random phrases with the subject that is provided, it can produce a winner at times.

If you don’t like the options provided by the tool, you can click the “Get Linkbait” button and get a whole new list of titles that may include a few options that you like.

5. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

This is yet another idea-generating tool by a digital marketing company that is far more entertaining than the one offered by HubSpot.

If you are not happy with the first suggestion that is offered by the tool, you can hit the “regenerate” icon and get another title. You can keep regenerating titles till you find the one that you like the most.

6. Content-Ideator

This is a great tool if you are looking for blog subject inspiration. Also, unlike other tools, this tool is not quite random.

When you enter a subject of your choice, you will find actual titles from around the Interweb. Additionally, it offers you with a number of social shares for every title so that you can understand the popularity of each of the options provided. However, the information is blurred out unless you pay over $29 per month to know the exact number of social shares. It is probably using a tool like BuzzSumo to get the exact number of share count and pass the cost on to its users.

7. BuzzSumo

This is a premium tool that provides you with a wide variety of online titles related to any niche. It also displays the social share statistics so that you can view the number of engagements for each option provided. This will give you an idea of how well your chosen title is likely to perform.

The downside of using BuzzSumo is that it charges you a fee. However, the investment may be worth it if you are considering content marketing seriously. Currently, the cheapest plan it is offering is at $99 per month.

8. Content Strategy Helper

This is one of the best options to get ideas about blog posts. However, Content Strategy Helper is not a cloud-based option like other tools. It is a Google Doc.

To use this tool, you will have to log in to your Google account and visit the existing Google Doc that acts as a template. Next, make a copy by clicking on File> Make a copy. Name the copy. This way you will have your own version of the doc that you can edit.

Once you have made your copy, click on Tools> Script editor. This will take you to a page containing a lot of code. You will have to replace that code with a new one.

Find the code here. It is a simple copy-paste. However, you need to highlight only the code on that page and not the entire text.

Copy the code from the page and paste it over the original code in your Google Doc. The easiest way is to select all the existing code on your page and then paste the new code to overwrite it completely.

Next, select File> Save (from the script window) to save the changes. You can then use the tool to get some ideas. Next, enter your search term and hit Enter.

After passing through the up-front requirements, you are good to go.

9. Tweak your Biz Title Generator

This is an easy to use tool that allows you to simply enter your subject or niche and click the Submit button. You will receive several titles on one page.

Interestingly, the tool provides the titles in the text area that allows you to simply copy and paste them to a text document. It also provides you with the option to print or download it.

Additionally, the tool separates your suggested titles into popular groupings such as “how-to”, “best”, “celebrities group”, etc.

10. SEOPressor Blog Title Generator

This is a more sophisticated tool compared to other tools. It not only asks you for a keyword but also offers you a drop-down to describe the keyword. Some of the options that can help describe your keywords are;

  • Generic term

  • Industry

  • Location

  • Brand/product

  • Event

  • Person’s name

  • Skill

After entering your keyword and the description, you can click on “ Generate Title” to see more titles.

If you are not happy with the suggestions, you can click the “refresh” button at the top of the list and get another five titles. You can keep refreshing until you find a few titles that interest you.

Another characteristic feature of this tool is that it allows you to email a list of all possible blog titles to yourself. This way you will provide the website owner with your email address and be present on the site’s email distribution list.

To wrap up

Do not fret if you are facing writer’s block, simply turn to technology for help. These tools can be used to generate inspiration for some awesome titles. Most of the tools are easy to use. So, what are you waiting for?

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