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4 steps to clear your Instagram Search History

4 steps to clear your Instagram Search History

Do you go berserk when someone unexpectedly sees your Instagram search history?

You are at the right place!

Whether it’s someone watching you look up an Instagram account or borrowing your phone to simply check an Instagram profile themselves, it is always embarrassing to see your Instagram handle in the search bar.

Here, we have shared 4 simple steps that will help you clear your Instagram Search History on both app as well as desktop.

1. Go to your Instagram profile

Firstly, go to your profile and click on your profile icon. Next, tap on the three clustered lines on the right-hand corner of your Instagram profile.

2. Go to your Settings

Tap on Settings. Next, click on the Security tab.

3. Clear your history

Finally, the step you’ve been waiting for!

Tap on the “Clear Search History”(all the way at the bottom) in the Security section.

You will then be able to see all of your recent searches. Tap on “Clear All” at the right-hand corner.

Do note that clearing your entire search history can seem slightly suspicious. But don’t worry. There is an option that allows you to delete specific parts of your browsing history. You can delete your most embarrassing searches by simply tapping on the “X” next to their handles.

You can do this by going to the Search tool on the app if you want to avoid going through the aforementioned steps.

4. Clear your Insta Web Browser

To delete your history on the desktop, go to Settings and click on your profile photo. Next, tap on the Settings icon and the “Privacy and Security” tab. Scroll down, click on Account data, and then “View Account Data”.

You will see “Search History” under the “Account Activity” tab. You will see “View All”. Next, click on” Clear Search History” and then “Yes, I’m sure” to delete your history.

That’s it! You can delete your Instagram history and not be embarrassed anymore!

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