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5 Awesome Note-Taking Apps you must consider!

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Top 5 Note Taking apps for Phone

You have a brilliant idea all of a sudden or say you want to jot down an important reminder. So, you pull out your smartphone to make a note of this but only to realize that your note-taking app is already cluttered. Don’t you get dejected?

If you have been through a similar situation then this post is for you!

Here, we have compiled a list of 5 best note-taking apps that make it easy to organize all your thoughts.

All these apps cover the essentials and you can use than to make checklists, set reminders, jot down ideas or make some drawings.

1. Google Keep

If you are on an Android phone then this is for you!

Google Keep is a great combination of functionality and simplicity. It is useful especially if you are already using the rest of Google suite. It even allows you to use the voice-to-text feature of Google Assistant to transcribe your words by simply tapping open a new note.

All your notes will appear like Post-it notes pasted on a board, on the main screen. Keep can be accessed within the browser or directly inside Gmail, where a small bar will pop-up on the side showing all the notes. Additionally, Keep allows you to share and invite others to collaborate with Google Docs.

2. Apple Notes

Apple Notes

Apple Notes is the obvious choice if you are using an iPhone. It is a fairly simple app that comes installed on every iOS device.

Apple Notes come with advanced features like the ability to clip text and images from the web or add attachments without cluttering things. In other words, it offers you a clean experience.

Apple Notes come with great organization features especially if you take the time to set up category folders and include subfolders inside them.

Apple Notes

3. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft One Note

Microsoft OneNote is a set-up from Keep and offers a more detailed notes-management system. OneNote comes with more functions and it syncs with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.

On the desktop, Microsoft OneNote works a lot like Microsoft Word. It has a file menu at the top along with a similar layout and formatting options.

Notes are placed inside custom category tabs. You can attach specific notes to meetings via Outlook and also set priority using tags of different levels of urgency.

OneNote is a great option if you are looking for a “professional” notes app for the office environment.

4. Evernote


This is a cloud-based notes app that has about every feature incorporated in it. It supports PDFs and emails, group chat for small teams, a web-clipping browser extension, integration with Trello and Slack. Evernote also translates words that appear in a photograph or handwritten note into searchable and copy-able text.

With several features incorporated in it, Evernote may be a little cumbersome in the beginning especially when you just want to jot down a simple thought or idea. However, it is a great option to keep your notes organized.

5. Bear Notes

Bear Notes

This is a refined version of Apple Notes. Bear Notes app offers a bevy of styling options. It allows you to easily change the themes, adjust the formatting and change the typography of your notes.

Most of its features are similar to the other apps. However, its ability to link notes together with tags is a feature that separates it from others. You can simply tag your thoughts with a suitable category such as a wedding, books to read, work, etc as you jot them down. Bear Notes will sort them into their proper folders for you.

Final thoughts

There isn’t one single app that may be called as the ‘best app’ for taking notes. Each of the apps mentioned above fulfill specific needs and you will have to choose the one that fulfils your note-taking methods.

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