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5 Tips to create powerful Call-to-Actions to increase Conversions

Updated: May 26, 2020

Tips to increase Conversions
5 Tips to create powerful Call to Actions to increase Conversions

Conversions play a very important role in business and therefore you must invest in developing powerful call-to-action on your website. Call-to-actions or CTAs are the one way to create urgency in your visitors and make them take prompt action.

While you may have exceptional content on your website to attract visitors’ attention, a call-to-action is that part of your website which encourages a visitor to take action. Call-to-action gives you a great click-through rate and adds value to your content if it is designed in a smart way.

What if your CTA is not powerful enough? All your efforts in creating compelling and strong content will be of no use.

So, how do you make your CTAs powerful enough to drive conversions and improve CTR?

1. Understand your target audience

This is an important aspect while designing your CTA. You cannot afford to simply copy what your competitors are doing. A CTA that works for your competitors may not work well for you. This is because the audience may be different.

Before designing your CTA, you must consider what words your audience is looking for. For instance, if your audience is looking for a price quote from you, words like “next” or “read more” will not provide you with the desirable results. However, if you use phrases like “know more about price” or “get a free quote” it may help you get better conversions.

2. Simple design

Yes, you read that correctly. While it is important for your CTA to be unique, you do not have to overboard with your creative skills. Fancy CTAs or going the extra mile with CTAs can backfire for most businesses instead of boosting your business growth.

You do not have to include vibrant colors or fancy designs to make your CTA stand out. Focus on adding trigger words that can compel your visitors to take action.

According to studies, a simple CTA with the right phrase can be more impactful than a fancy CTA. So, make sure to design clickable CTA buttons with compelling words and simple design.

3. Tone of commitment

Today, most consumers fear commitment. They run away from commitments if they detect them in the tone of your CTA. For instance, “buy now” has a high commitment tone that can cause people to run away from it. On the other the “add to cart “CTA on an e-commerce website is a good example of a commitment-free tone. It allows consumers to rethink their orders.

Try to design a CTA that does not sound final and leaves a window for visitors to change their decision whenever they wish to.

4. Optimum sizing

The perfect size of your CTA button also matters. While a small button may hinder its visibility a large CTA can have a negative impact on your conversions. Therefore, it is important to have the right-sized CTA button on your website.

Some surveys have revealed that users visiting a website from their mobile devices find large CTAs as a desperate move by marketers.

Do make sure that your CTA buttons are big enough to be clicked upon and not look like a desperate move.

5. Let your visitors choose

Include an element of choice while designing your CTA. Your audience will certainly love to see the choices you are offering them with. However, make sure to include a maximum of two choices as too many choices can confuse your audience and prevent them from making a choice.

Allowing your audience to choose is a smart move especially if you are targeting two different audiences. Therefore, it is important to consider all your audiences before designing your CTA.

Wrapping up

A powerful CTA can boost conversions on your website and work wonders for your business. Use the above mentioned CTA tips and create a unique call-to-action that will drive more conversions to your website.

You can hire a professional digital marketing agency in Sarnia to help you get a powerful CTA for your business!

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