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6 Website Improvements that will help boost sales post COVID-19

How to get sales from Website

There’s no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected many businesses across the globe. However, there are a few positives as well-it has provided companies with the opportunities to improve their digital housekeeping such as website improvements to help improve online services. These changes can help increase potential buyers once work and buying behaviors return to “normal”.

So, is it possible to make the most of this opportunity? The answer is YES.

You can make a few changes to your website that will not only help increase your rankings on Google but also benefit your customers.

Here are the six improvements you can do to boost sales post-COVID-19.

1. Improve page loading speed

This probably is the first change you should do to your website. While you may want to believe that all websites load relatively quickly, it is not true.

Remember, page speed is one of the most significant factors while ranking your website. Slow page load is one of the main reasons for visitors to leave your site. Additionally, a slow-loading website makes it difficult for people to find you and make you more likely to put off customers.

While there are numerous ways to improve page load times, using a WordPress plugin will help you improve load speed easily. You may also opt for drastic steps such as changing your hosting provider to allow more bandwidth.

2. Update your content

So, you already have a lot of content that is optimized for your website. But have you updated it?

SEO research suggests that while content is an important factor for the success of your site, it’s extremely worthwhile to update your content.

Make a simple content audit checklist and review the current content on your site. Make sure to include short, succinct, and punchy content for products and services or any other sales page. Also, try to update any facts, links, and keyword optimization.

Some websites male the mistake of copying content from someone else’s website or even a competitor. Remember, Google dislikes duplicate content and may punish your website by not showing your affected URLs in the search results.

3. Change the color of CTA buttons

While this may seem a simple idea, changing the color of a CTA button can have a significant impact on your website. You want your button to be clicked and so changing the color can be very important.

Different colors work better depending on your niche and audience. You may test multiple color options until you find the one that suits you perfectly.

4. Include more images and videos

Images and videos are important than ever before and you must ensure to have them on your website. Images and videos influence buying decisions.

Simply having well-written content isn’t enough. If your customers can’t visit your store in person to see a product, they will obviously want to be able to see at what they are considering.

If your customers can view an image of your product on your site, they are sure to visit another website. Make sure to get the images of your products from different angles and if possible, in different settings as well. This will help customers get something closer to the in-store experience of looking at the product.

5. Invest in paid advertising

While improving your website, it is also important to think about the methods to gain traffic as well. Challenges surrounding COVID-19 have forced many businesses to reduce their marketing spend and hence now is probably the best time to invest in paid advertising. Nearly 70% of businesses believe that they will have to reduce their marketing spend.

So, if you want to get more customers and believe in the ability of your website to convert, you should consider digital ads as most industries will have a lower cost per click. However, while doing so, don’t simply spend your money blindly.

To make the best use of your ad campaigns make sure to choose the right platform. While Google Ads is one of the best choices, you may benefit more from social media advertising especially if you offer visually appealing products or services.

6. Improve your customer service

COVID-19 pandemic comes with its own challenges such as lockdowns and layoffs. However, leaving your customers frustrated with busy phone lines, getting disconnected, or offering them poor customer service when they get through can be detrimental to your reputation.

To avoid such hassles, try to include live chat customer service to your website. This will help a customer resolve their issues and also enjoy a better experience with your brand.

You will have to plan as to how you will handle an uptake in orders as businesses reopen and one of the best ways to do is to make sure you offer better customer service.

Final thoughts

Bouncing back is a choice. Though the current situation is not-so-pleasant, applying these website improvements can help your finances bounce back in the period following COVID-19.

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