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Chrome To Use AI To Describe Images For Visually Impaired Users

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

There’s no denying that the internet can be difficult for the visually impaired especially if they have to view any images. Web designers have to use "Alt Text" for images else visually challenged readers won’t be able to interpret the pictures. This is because the Braille devices cannot interpret the pictures.

To improve their web-browsing experience, Google has introduced a new feature for the Chrome browser. It uses machine learning to recognize and describe images to visually impaired people. The image description is generated automatically using the technology that drives Google Lens.

Laura Allen, Google’s senior Program Manager for Accessibility is visually disabled herself. She says this feature will reduce the problems when people will try to view a website with a screen reader.

The text will use phrases like ”appears to be” to describe an image to users. For instance, Chrome might say,” Appears to be a motorbike”. This will let a user understand that the description is generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and may not be accurate for now.

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This feature is however only available for users having screen readers or Braille displays.

How to Enable Images to Voice in Google Chrome?

To enable the feature, users will have to go to:

Chrome Settings > Advanced > Accessibility.

Next, select "Get Image Descriptions from Google."

There might be chances that the Google Chrome version that is installed might not have the same. Be patient as Google is going to bring this amazing change to all its Chrome Browsers.

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