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Amazon Kendra to help Enterprise Search with AI and Machine Learning

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Amazon Kendra

There’s no denying that Enterprise search is difficult. While Google is the biggest and most preferred search engine, enterprises have a narrower set of responses.

It would be easy to assume that it is easier to find the ideal response but it is far from easy. If you have more data, the more likely you are to find the correct document.

Amazon is trying to bring about a significant difference in the search game by including a modern machine learning-driven technology to help you find a response that you would get on the web.

Amazon announced the availability of its cloud enterprise search product- Kendra. Last year, Amazon announced about Kendra at the AWS re:Invent. It uses natural language processing that helps a user to ask a question easily and then searches its repositories connected to the search engine to find the perfect answer.

Simply put, Amazon's Kendra model enables enterprises to index their internal data sources, make it searchable, and help users get precise answers to their queries.

According to the company, Amazon Kendra allows users to search across all the data using real questions and not just keywords. It takes advantage of machine learning models to understand the content of documents and their relationships to provide the ideal answer they are looking for.

Currently, Amazon Kendra is available in the US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), and EU West (Ireland). It will be made available to other countries soon.

AWS has designed the search engine for specific industries such as healthcare, insurance, and IT. Later this year, it will also cater to financial services, legal, energy, industrial, travel and hospitality, human resources, news, telecommunications, mining, food and beverage, media and entertainment, and automotive industries.

It means that companies in one of those industries will see a boost when it comes to searching as the system will easily understand the language specific to those verticals. You can place your Kendra search box into a website or an application and includes features like type-ahead that you would normally expect in such a tool.

Enterprises like 3M, Allen Institute and PwC are among the customers and partners who are already using Amazon Kendra.

Amazon Kendra can be set up easily within the AWS Console and does not require any machine learning expertise. Developers can easily include data sources to their Amazon Kendra search index by simply choosing the connector type. These connectors will keep track of document access rights.

Enterprise search has been around for a while but with the help of AI and machine learning, it can be solved once and for all.

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