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Astonishing Tips to create your first TikTok video for business!

TikTok for Business

Wondering how to create and publish your first TikTok video? You are at the right place!

TikTok is a great platform for your brand’s marketing and it can help your business gain more followers and reach.

In this write-up, you’ll discover how to create your first business video on TikTok in few steps.

1. Create your TikTok account

To get started with TikTok, first, you will have to install the TikTok app. Next, sign up for your own account or log in if already registered. Choose an appropriate nickname and update your profile picture.

You can start following accounts of brands, influencers, and businesses in your niche.

2. Create your first video

You will be able to see five icons at the bottom of the screen. The first icon shaped like a house(Home) will provide you with a refreshed page having a list of recommended videos. The search icon(Discover) lets you search for any type of user and videos.

The “+” icon lets you create videos or upload a video from your Gallery. The message icon (Inbox) gives you access to any notifications. The last icon (ME) lets you access your own main page. You can edit your profile, change your nickname, and view your own videos.

How to create your video?

  • Click on the “+” icon. Make sure to give TikTok access to your camera and recorder.

  • TikTok allows you to record 15 or 60-second videos. It is recommended that you start with 15 seconds and get the hang of creating videos before you go on to shoot longer videos.

  • Set up the speed, timer, and beauty filters. Long press the red button and start shooting your video. Choose a piece of music to jazz up your video.

  • Press the red button after you are done with recording your video and go to the editing page

  • Use one frame of the video as a cover and incorporate visual effects using the two buttons on the left corner at the bottom.

  • Hit the Next button if you are happy with your TikTok video and move to the screen where you create your post. You can add your caption and hashtags and also choose a cover image

  • TikTok emphasizes privacy and so allows you to set your account as private, who can send comments or who can download your video, etc.

  • Tap on the “Post” button to publish your video on TikTok. That’s how you publish your video successfully on TikTok!

Bonus tips to use TikTok for business

  • Post videos regularly and consistently. If possible make a series that will help keep your audience hooked.

  • Connect with influencers within your niche and outside your niche as well

  • Boost views and followers by sharing TikTok videos to your other social media platforms

  • Avoid posting negative content

  • Reply to comments in an interesting and funny way

  • Comment on other’s videos as it will help you get more comments

  • Follow 30 accounts a day and unfollow. This trick will help leave your footprint.

  • Invite others to your video

  • TikTok is different from other video sharing sites, so it is important to exaggerate and attract people to your video.

Wrap up

You can follow these steps to create and publish your first TikTok video easily. Gradually, you will start receiving views, likes, comments, and shares after publishing your video. This will help gain followers and become popular on TikTok.

By posting positive content consistently, you can promote your brand in a better way on the TikTok app.

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