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Top 8 Hardcore Challenges Faced by Digital Marketing Agencies

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Challenges faced by Digital Marketing agencies

Ads, posters, emails, newsletters, social media, and what not!

Marketing has become comprehensive and personalized than ever before.

Marketing is crucial for businesses that sell different products and services. And today, it is difficult to imagine a world without it. However, it is challenging to run a digital marketing agency. From funding to adapting to constant changes in the market, digital marketing agency owners have to go through a lot than what meets the eyes.

Here are some of the common digital marketing agency problems

1. Finding leads or clients

There’s no denying that customers are important for every business. Without customers, you won’t be able to earn any income. However, getting clients for a digital marketing agency in Canada is more stressful than other businesses.

This happens because most agencies start off with one or two clients but get stuck when they are unable to find clients later. Additionally, most of the agencies look at potential customers from the same point of view, act the same way, and even offer the same services. Therefore, it becomes difficult for agencies to stand out in such a competitive field.

Client retention is another challenge for agencies. Most businesses usually do no prefer to stick to the same marketing agency for more than two years. This happens because of two reasons;

  • Increase in prices or changes in terms and conditions

  • Relationship between you and the client

2. Evolving digital landscape

Most digital agencies succumb to the changing digital landscapes. Many marketing executives find it difficult to monitor and implement changes in their marketing approaches. Although it is important to adapt to the changes, it can be overwhelming to keep up with the ever-evolving digital landscape.

3. Unrealistic client expectations

Clients can be demanding and have unrealistic expectations. They expect things to go viral and get fast results. However, marketers know that that’s not how it works.

The worst thing a digital agency can do is to give in to a client’s demand without taking into consideration the resources and timeline. Also, over-committing to a project can cause problems that can eventually lead to termination of the contract.

It is advisable to handle clients’ expectations right from the beginning and explain to them about what you can handle and what you cannot handle. This will help retain customers in the long run.

4. Creating content

Content has been ruling in the last few years. Although it is very important to promote content in today’s competitive digital world, too much content has resulted in the over-saturation of low-quality content. It means that there is still a lack of high-quality attention-grabbing content.

5. Poor communication

While there is a lot happening in the marketing front, social media pages, etc., communication between the teams is hitting a low.

Many marketing executives lack the tactics of collecting useful information and feedback from the teams and apply them to create the right strategy. This inadequate information collection or failure to communicate with the employees can further lead to major issues within the team.

6. Inexperienced staff or understaffed

As the digital marketing industry is constantly changing, the demands and requirements are also getting complicated. While you may start off as an ideal marketing agency, gaps may start to occur where there is a lack of skill, understanding, or the right employee for the job. This can lead to low-quality strategies and hence poor results.

Make sure to review your team and monitor changes before making any important marketing decisions.

7. Schedules and timelines

Deadlines and schedules are important for any business. However, if digital marketing agencies miss the right time or fail to deliver within the scheduled time, can be a major loss of opportunity.

Not meeting deadlines or having erratic scheduling can leave a negative impact on your customers.

8. Payment issues

Many clients avoid paying as scheduled. Some forget while some simply take agencies for granted.

Cash flow is important for you to run your business. You also need to pay your employees and other bills. Without proper funds, many things can be thrown off track and all this can only be beneficial to your client.

To sum up

It is a challenge to run an agency. You train employees and customers to bring about a change in the digital world. However, there is no point in losing heart. You will have to be consistent with your efforts and continue to do your job. In the end, you will surely succeed.

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