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10 Digital Marketing Tips Every Small Business Needs To Know

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Digital Marketing Tips for Startups

Small businesses are changing the world and if you are one of them then this is for you!

As more and more consumers are turning to online resources to research the products and services, leveraging the power of digital marketing is becoming highly important.

Here are a few tips that you may consider and incorporate in your digital marketing strategy.

1. Make UX experience your mantra:

Make UX Experience your mantra

Creating a compelling site that will help hold your readers’ attention is the need of the hour. It is crucial to create a site that will keep your users glued to your website and help them understand what you have to offer in an improved way.

To achieve this, you will have to understand your audience well and implement the best practices for User Experience (UX) design. UX design focuses on appealing the users and improving their experience.

Additionally, UX design will also focus on how your users interact with your website in terms of what they are searching for on your website.

In addition to an appealing website and seamless navigation, UX design also features engaging site content. So, optimize website features such as responsive website design, site speed, etc, that will make users more inclined to your website.

2. Video content will be the King!

Video Content will be the King

Video content is an effective strategy for any type of business as it helps to stand out in the competitive business landscape.

Videos not only keep your visitors glued to your website but also have the ability to elicit an emotional response from them. They are much more accessible and an easy way to convey a message that may otherwise get lost on your webpage.

Introducing videos will help you gain access to more media platforms and encourage social shares.

In short, brief but engaging videos can open doors for many opportunities that can eventually aid your site’s success.

3. Implement organic SEO strategies

Implement organic SEO strategies

Generating organic traffic through SEO is a great marketing strategy for small businesses.

Focus on high-ranking keywords and implement them in your content. This will attract the relevant audiences and improve traffic to your website. You may review the search engine results pages (SERPs) to understand how some of the phrases are ranking. You can include these keywords organically in your content without jeopardizing its quality.

4. Local Search Marketing is a must

Local Search Marketing is a must

This is an absolute necessity if you want to compete with others. Local businesses still hold a lot of importance even today. Most people prefer doing business with local neighbors whenever they can.

Therefore, it is important to have your business listed on Google My Business. People prefer searching for businesses on Google Maps and if you don’t figure there, you are sure to lose out customers.

All you need to is set up a free profile on Google My Business and gain higher credibility amongst your audience and build a stronger online presence.

5. Tap social media

Social Media for Business

Use of social media is growing by the day and if you want to reach a larger audience then tapping it is a must.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., help you engage your audience in an affordable way.

You will have to find out where your audience spends most of their time online through market research and demographic study. Build a strong profile and create relevant and engaging posts to grab your audience’s attention.

6. Create email marketing campaigns

Create email marketing campaigns

Yes. You read that right. Email marketing is still considered as one of the most effective marketing strategies. Emailing works because a majority of people especially business buyers still check their emails regularly. Create a monthly email newsletter to reach your prospective customers.

It is recommended that you build your audience organically rather than buying email lists. Buying email lists can ruin your reputation and put you across as a scammer to email recipients.

7. Research competitors and stay ahead of them

Research competitors and stay ahead of them

With businesses vying for attention, the digital landscape may not be as easy as it may seem. To stand out, you will have to differentiate your services and create a unique strategy to win your audience.

You will have to conduct thorough market research to understand what works and what does not. The research will help you develop compelling content and unique digital marketing tactics to attract your target audience.

8. Social Media Ads for Faster Results

Social Media Ads for Faster Results

Social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube offer inexpensive ads that have proven to be a winner for many businesses.

Social Media is exploding and so is the people spending money on the same. With every new platform there opens up a new opportunity for you to explore a better side for your business. You just have to be more open to new scope of business.

These simple tools are targeted, effective and help achieve better results. to understand which tools will work the best for you, let us know so we can guide you better.

9. Do not compromise on quality

Do not compromise on quality

Be it digital or traditional methods, quality has been more important than quantity. High-quality content keeps your audience engaged and on your site longer. This translates to better rankings on search engine results.

According to a report by Social Media Today, high-quality content and SEO work together to deliver the best results. Relevant and well-written content, when coupled with effective SEO strategies, can do wonders in attracting returning visitors.

10. Online reputation matters!

Online reputation matters!

This is not surprising as your customers are checking you out online before buying your products or services.

According to Forbes, you can risk as much as 22% of your business if your customers read any negative articles on the first page of their search. The figure can climb to 59.2% if there are three negative articles on the first page.

To avoid such an ugly situation, it is important that you audit your online reputation on a regular basis and make sure to respond and overturn user concerns.

Today, it is much easier to reach potential customers in an affordable way. As a small business owner, you must rely heavily on digital marketing to gain maximum online visibility. Follow the above-mentioned tips and you are sure to do much better in the digital space!

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