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Facebook fights back company that sells fake Instagram Likes

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Fake Instagram Likes

Have you experienced some fake followers and likes on Instagram of late? Well, Facebook is fighting back against the company in New Zealand that sold fake likes.

Earlier this year, Facebook launched its enforcement and litigation team. The team has fixed six lawsuits against individuals/firms that have broken the rules including scams, threatening its users with scams and violating their privacy or other related issues.

According to Washington Post, Social Media Series Limited, a company in New Zealand, took payments from users to artificially increase the popularity of accounts and photos on Instagram, thereby violating the federal cybersecurity law (1980s).

Last month, Facebook and the company asked the court to halt the proceedings as they wanted to reach a settlement. According to Facebook, Social Media Series raked in an estimated $9.4 million during its operation.

As per the settlement, the individuals who ran Social Media Series Limited will be banned from Facebook’s services and they will also have to pay $500,000 to court documents filed in the federal court in California.

Facebook had filed a similar suit earlier this year against four Chinese companies that alleged Facebook and Instagram likes and followers. However, those cases are still pending.

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