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Facebook to develop its own operating system!

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Facebook Operating System

Facebook is planning to build its own operating system(OS) from scratch. They have hired Mark Lucovsky, former Windows NT author to build an original operating system to be used with Android-dependant devices like Oculus and planned AR glasses.

This move will help Facebook bring more control over its in-house devices. It will also enable Facebook to make improvements whenever they feel the need rather than wait for Google to fix things. Having an own operating system will also help Facebook trust its hardware and ensure that it is not being hampered intentionally by their competitors.

Andrew Bosworth, Vice President of Hardware, Facebook told The Information that they really want to make sure that the next generation has space for Facebook and they don’t trust their competitors or the marketplace.

Facebook will start tailoring the operating system on the augmented reality glasses and will not limit its development to just Lucovsky’s work.

Additionally, Facebook is looking to get into partnership with unnamed companies to improve its AR development goals.

Facebook is all set to open its new 70,000 sqft AR/VR office in Burlingame, CA, just north of its headquarters in Menlo Park. It will also staff around 4,000 employees to work on AR/VR prototypes and conduct testing after the site becomes operational in the second half of this year.

Facebook, however, did not mention a timeframe for when it is expected to have its OS built.

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