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Google Launches Chrome 78 with new features!

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Google has recently released its Chrome 78 with new default features and several bug fixes. It is available to download for MacOS, Windows, and Linux. Soon, Chrome 78 will also be available on iOS and Android devices.

The first thing you will notice about Chrome 78 is that the Tab Hover Cards open by default. This aims to alleviate the problems when several tabs are opened at once making it difficult to identify them. The new feature highlights the page and site name for a better UX experience.

This suggest an increasing importance to the Title Tags on your website. If your Title Tags of all your pages are not optimized, you might be facing really bad reputation in terms of bad content in these hover boxes. If you are not sure how to get Title Tags optimized, you should definitely get your SEO checked.

Additionally, Google has removed a few right-click menu options such as New tab, Close other tabs, Reopen closed tab and Bookmark all tabs. However, the Close tabs to the right remain as it is.

Some features in the experimental department are;

  • Password Leak Detection (chrome://flags/#password-leak-detection). It will alert you if any of your login is found in the data breach.

  • Force Dark Mode for Web Content (chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark )

This is another flag that will automatically render content with a dark theme even if the website does not offer it.

Google has implemented around 37 security fixes in Chrome 78. Read more details on the chrome blog.

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