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Google Podcasts now on iOS! Discover your favorite podcast.

Google Podcasts

Podcasts are boon, especially during a traffic-filled commute. However, building a podcast library may take time and effort. To resolve this issue, the Google Podcasts app is here. You can discover your favourite podcast easily and build your list of go-to podcasts and even customize your listening.

Interestingly, Google has redesigned the Podcasts app to support listeners on more platforms. It is also bringing Google Podcasts to iOS for the first time and including support for subscriptions on Google Podcasts for Web. Also, the listening progress will sync across devices regardless of the platform you are using and you will be able to resume right from where you left off.

The new app includes three tabs- Explore, Home and Activity. The Home tab includes a feed of new episodes and allows you to access your subscribed shows.

Once you select an episode you want to listen to, you will be able to see topics or people covered in that podcast and also jump to Google Search to know more.

The Explore tab, “For you” displays new shows and episode recommendations based on your interests. You can browse popular podcasts in various categories such as sports, comedy, and news. You will be able to control personalized recommendations from the Google Podcasts settings, right from the Explore tab.

The Activity tab will display your history, queued up episodes and downloads as you keep listening and subscribing to more podcasts.

Now, for each show in your subscriptions, you can enable automatic downloading and/or push notifications whenever new episodes are released.

As of now, Google Podcasts are available on iOS and will be available to Android users in a week’s time.

Go ahead! Try it out and discover your favorite show.

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