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Google’s “DEMAND” to provide actionable insights for the live events industry

Updated: May 18, 2020

What is Google Demand

The latest platform “DEMAND” from Google is a data analytics platform that is aimed to provide artists, promoters, venue managers and others in the music industry with actionable insights.

There are our four parts to DEMAND;

1. Artist Trends

Lets you see Google Trends and YouTube Views data for over 19,000 artists.

2. Ticket Pricing

This allows you to see historical and real-time pricing data for primary as well as secondary markets. You can view the percentage of tickets available on the secondary market.

3. Announcement effectiveness

Let’s you see real-time activity for an artist’s on-sale announcements. To enhance the marketing, pricing, and planning you can filter the activity across 210 US markets.

4. Audience Insights

Lets you update insights about an artist’s audience. Also, it lets you view other brands and media relevant to fans based on the monthly search traffic.

DEMAND is powered by the publicly available Google Trends data as fans start looking for tickets through Google Search. It then uses YouTube and Google Play data as a barometer for the continued interest in an artist over a period of time. Third-party data sources are used to get historical and current pricing.

While the main goal of “DEMAND” is to enhance the planning, pricing, marketing, and sponsorship of live events and improve the fan experience by expanding reach, it can also serve as an equalizer. Additionally, rising artists booking their club stops and unknown venues can view where and how similar styles of artists performed and at what prices.

DEMAND is currently available at no cost for the U.S music industry and invite-only for professionals with whitelist sign-ups.

Hopefully, DEMAND’s data will help new artists and create opportunities across the live music industry.

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