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How to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to build your brand?

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

The concept of branding has evolved and today it is much more than just a logo, color or an advertisement. Businesses are trying to push for more tech-driven actions as it opens up more opportunities to create a perception with the audiences.

Why is Branding important?

  • Influences purchasing behavior

  • Helps achieve customer loyalty

  • Drives repeat clients to your business

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is evolving and changing the way we look at branding.

According to the Salesforce State of Marketing Report, 53% of marketers plan to adopt Artificial Intelligence in their marketing strategy. This means that the process of building rapport with the audience will soon be the responsibility of a computer rather than the sales team.

How to use AI for brand building?

Here are ways by which brands can remain human while utilizing AI.

1. Build a better company culture

Your company will still have people working for it despite the number of AI tools and systems you use. And as long as you have people working for the company, you will have a culture based on the practices and personalities in place.

Think of brands like Google and Zappos. People look up to these brands for not just their amazing products but also for their progressive internal culture. This positive brand image enables these companies to be attractive to both customers and job seekers who want to join the company.

There is no denying that the company culture plays an important role in the success of a business. Many employees leave their position owing to the company culture and have either a positive or negative effect on their performance. Companies that prioritize culture are generally productive and have higher revenues.

More than often, traditional recruiting methods fail to accurately assess the skills necessary for the success of the company. Artificial Intelligence can help automate the pre-hiring process by qualifying candidates based on their credentials. Tools powered by AI help screen applications with specialized skill assessments to measure abilities and level of expertise.

These assessments can help identify personality traits and talents that fit the company culture and enhance hiring decisions.

(Source: TalentsNow)

2. Improve Customer experience

Brand management can be achieved through customer experience. Happy customers are more likely to market your brand positively which can help achieve better customer loyalty and increased growth.

Artificial Intelligence techniques help improve customer experience through fast and efficient solutions. For instance, understanding human emotions, voice and speech recognition and ability to predict consumer behavior can be achieved through AI.

According to Blake Morgan on, 95% of customer interactions will be supported by AI by the year 2025.

Additionally, you can leverage AI to deliver personalized recommendations. For instance, AI chatbots are helping brands enhance personalization, which is vital for brand management.

As you focus on understanding what your clients want and how they want it, you can take brand management to the next level. Artificial Intelligence helps you to manage the customer experience in an improved way and build your brand better.

3. Connect with the right audience

Creating an emotional connection with your audience is the key to building a successful brand. It can help determine if a consumer buys from you or not. To achieve it, you need to identify who your audience is and understand what they want.

Most marketers turn to audience analytics to find out the demographics of their customers. However, these parameters may not always be accurate especially if the team is measuring the wrong data points. Failing to identify the niche of potential customers may cost you precious opportunities.

(Source: Customer Thermometer)

AI technology allows marketers to collect an enormous amount of consumer data giving you access to accurate information to drive your marketing strategies. 79% of businesses that use AI-generated analytics reported better insights and results.

AI-based analytical systems also help to measure your audience’s sentiments and predict future reactions. You can identify some of the most common sentiments and see how their needs have changed over time and incorporate a marketing strategy accordingly.

4. Secure customer data

Customer security is important when it comes to guarding your brand’s reputation. The issues of customer data security are very common in today’s digital era. Companies that have been involved in leaking sensitive customer data have had their reputation tarnished.

To reinstate your customers' confidence in your brand, you can embrace AI-enabled security systems. For instance, customer recognition systems such as voice and sound recognition, facial recognition customers are sure that their data will not be compromised.

Many companies have come up with applications that allow customers to register their biometrics which can be used later by the customer to avail of any services. In general, brands that have embraced AI technology when it comes to customer protection have achieved greater branding levels. This is owing to the trust such brands earn from their consumers.

To sum up

As illustrated above, Artificial Intelligence has a huge potential for improving your brand awareness. It can also be used to monitor your brand on social and other digital media. Enhanced brand management is crucial if you want to survive the competitive business environment.

Through better branding techniques you can achieve customer loyalty and eventually achieve higher revenues. Therefore, you must embrace AI technology that focuses on improving your brand awareness and help you scale.

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