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How to Get verified on Instagram and Facebook? | Quest For Tech

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

How to get verified on Instagram and Facebook

Have you noticed that blue tick on Facebook and Instagram profiles? Do you want one on your profile as well?

Well, here’s how you can!

Facebook has provided an updated overview of how you can go about it.

If you want to get a blue verification tick on your Facebook Page or profile, you will have to fill out a form from their official link.

Before filling up the form, you will have to make sure that your pages and profile;

  • Includes a profile photo

  • Includes a cover photo

  • Follow Facebook's guidelines

  • Complies with Facebook's Terms of Service

Follow the above-mentioned rules, submit the form and you can expect Facebook to approve your verification request.

For Instagram, follow these steps to apply for verification;

Tap the three lines in the upper right-hand corner in your profile

  • To access Settings, tap on the gear icon

  • Select ‘Account’ then click on ‘Request Verification’

  • Enter details such as full name, username, upload a government-approved photo ID (passport, driver’s license)

  • Submit the request

A word of warning- Be it Facebook or Instagram- even if you follow all the rules and apply through the above-mentioned processes, there is no guarantee that they will approve your verification request. These are just the current applying processes in place for verification.

Have a look at some of the frequently asked questions related to verification.

1. Who can get their profile verified on Facebook and Instagram?

A. Anyone who fits the verification criteria stated by Facebook and Instagram

2. What are the benefits of having a blue or grey badge?

A. Here are some of the benefits.

  • Users will automatically know that they are interacting with a real page and not a fake account

  • Boosts the credibility of your business or your brand

  • Clients will understand that you are serious about social media

  • Verified pages have better chances of ranking higher on Google search results

3. How long does Facebook take to approve or reject a verification request?

A. While A grey badge can take anywhere between 48 hours to a week to get a response from Facebook, a blue badge will take between 3- 45 days.

4. What is the difference between Blue and Grey badge?

The blue tick mark is for large companies, media companies or public figures and the grey tick mark is for store location or smaller businesses. However, Facebook has stopped offering grey badges to business pages since October 2019 as it was confusing the users.

5. Why can Facebook or Instagram reject my verification?

A. Your verification may be rejected due to the following reasons;

  • Your reason wasn’t compelling enough

  • Your ID was inappropriate or blurry

  • You don’t have enough content on your Facebook page

  • You don’t have a Wikipedia

  • You don’t have enough press

Facebook is being strict with the profiles they verify and won’t do unless you can prove your popularity. However, you can re-apply in 30 days if you get rejected.


Hopefully, the above-mentioned steps help you earn the verification from Facebook and Instagram. If you are still not verified, you will have to find better ways to interact and prove your popularity to your audience.

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