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How to share files on Google Drive, Google Docs easily? Here’s how!

How to share files on Google Drive

Google is updating its ‘sharing’ interface for collaborative software available with Google Drive. This update will bring changes to Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Docs on the web.

Google Drive’s sharing dialog allows users to manage members who can access a document or a shared drive. With the latest update, Google aims to make it easier to share files with users and also reduce the risk of access by unwanted users.

Now, the sharing dialog box on Google Drive shows a directory of users having access to files. The directory also shows the users’ role such as Commenter, Viewer, and Editor that specifies the extent of access a user has. The owners of a file will be able to change permissions by simply clicking on the drop-down option in the directory.

(Source: Mashable)

Previously, the ability to change permissions and views of users having access was done from the Advanced menu of the sharing dialog box. However, the new interface will allow you to manage user permissions from the main dialog box itself.

Although the new interface features the shareable link option, it is redesigned so that sharing with people and groups is visually distinct. A ‘copy link’ button can be seen at the bottom of the dialog box. Previously, you would need to edit the permissions attached to the link before sharing it. The new interface, however, allows you to share access quickly without changing link permissions with a ‘copy link’.

The update will be rolled out gradually and won’t be available to all Google Drive user until next month.

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