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How to use Amazon Stores to drive traffic and increase conversions for your brand?

Amazon Store
How to Optimize Amazon Stores

Amazon is leaving no stone unturned to lure brands to sell on its platform. To make the platform more attractive, it keeps adding features or programs. One such program that is gaining popularity of late is Amazon Stores.

What are Amazon Stores?

It is a platform on Amazon that allows you to showcase your products, videos, deals and brand story. You can customize your storefront and build it. Customers can find stores organically by clicking on the brand name under the title on the product detail page.

In the past, Amazon Stores were an afterthought for many sellers. They used the platform to feature only a few of their products. Larger brands, however, leveraged Amazon Store to convey their company’s authority.

Recently, Amazon has started to provide additional data and features in Stores to improve functionality and customization. Recently, Amazon has included additional data and features to improve the functionality and customization of Stores. Also, it created Stores Insights that show brands the exact amount of traffic and sales they receive.

Building your store is currently free, if you haven’t prioritized your stores yet, it’s time to consider your decision.

Amazon links to stores from search

Recently, the company launched a new option for larger brands. If a user searches for a brand name directly, a visible link will appear that will allow the user to go directly to that store page.

(Image Credit: Search Engine Journal)

This feature may be rolled out to other brands soon.

Here’s how Stores can help drive traffic to your listings and increase conversions.

  • Builds brand awareness: When customers visit your store, they not only see the types of products you have but also get a feel for your product’s quality. They also learn your brand story through the content on your Amazon Store page.

  • Increases order value: If your store is well-designed and compelling, it can increase average order values when customers shop through Amazon Stores compared to when customers navigate product detail pages. This is because when customers look at Stores, they can see accessories and other products that you carry and fit their needs as well.

  • Increases the effectiveness of your Sponsored Brand Ads: You can see an increase in traffic to your store from your Sponsored Brand Ads. Remember, Sponsored Brand Ads and Amazon Stores work well when used together.

Do a test if driving traffic from your Sponsored Brand Ads to your product detail pages, custom pages, and Amazon storefront helps improve performance.

Again, well-designed stores can be an important part of a well-organized Sponsored Brand campaign.

In the past, if you haven’t had the luck to drive traffic to your Amazon store, you can consider updating your store with new content and use a few newly available widgets to help you build a more user-friendly store page.

When should brands prioritize building their store on Amazon?

Here are three indicators that help brands know they have to prioritize building ads on Amazon.

  1. 1. Sponsored Brand Ads specifically to your store. If you’re running Sponsored Brand Ads specifically to your store, you must make sure your store page is easy to navigate.

  2. If your brand search is great. It means people are already searching for your product specifically by brand name.

  3. If you already have a huge amount of traffic to your store page.

Learn how much traffic your current store page is receiving using Stores Insights. It allows you to see exactly how much traffic and sales have been generated exclusively from your Amazon store.

Tips to make your store more effective

Here are some things you can focus on to make sure your store helps you maximize your sales.

  • Navigation

If you have a large number of different types of products, you must focus on navigation.

Make sure to create a clear layout for better product navigation. You may share additional content that will aid in conversion with a clear path to purchase for customers.

When your products are easy to navigate, it will help your store to convert better. Customers can see the different types of products and then choose the one that suits their requirements.

  • Keep your store updated

According to Amazon, stores that update within the last 90 days tend to perform better than those that don’t.

If you carry seasonal products, you must make sure to update your store page regularly with your current merchandising.

For example, if you are a clothing seller, you shouldn’t be highlighting summer clothes in the winter months. Customers will either feel that they won’t find the clothing they need or assume that the store is not maintained.

  • Remove out-of-stock products

You must keep a tab on your stock levels and whenever possible you should eliminate out-of-stock products especially those products that you anticipate will be out of stock for a long time.

By removing such products from your store will not just reduce frustration but improve the user experience for your customers.

Deals Widget removes out-of-stock items automatically and so you must make use of it.

  • Deals and promotions

Amazon Stores offers you a specific widget( Featured Deals) that allows you to highlight the deals you’re currently running. They include clip-able coupons and lightning deals.

(Image Credit: Search Engine Land)

Additionally, the widget also removes products that are currently out of stock from your store. The widget is a great choice especially during the holiday season, as it will not feature out-of-stock products.

  • Launch Store designs for holidays or sale

Now, Amazon allows you to schedule specific versions of your store to launch automatically on specific dates.

For example, you can have a store that focuses on Black Friday deals that you can launch on Friday morning. You can even have a special store layout to promote a new product line.

This new feature allows you to customize your videos, images, videos, and copy with specific calls-to-action for specific product launches and sales.

Wrapping up

Amazon is changing, evolving, and consistently rolling out new features to help improve customer experience. Moreover, it is improving customization to align with a brand’s style and highlight the brand story. Soon, it will increase the tool available to brand owners.

Amazon Stores helps brand owners to;

  • Highlight products

  • Optimize their ads better

  • Share their brand story

  • Build brand awareness

Now is a great time to build your store pages for Amazon and create a better experience for customers!

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