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12 Awesome Tips to Use Social Media to Boost Your Brand Awareness

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

The importance of Social Media Marketing is growing day by day as it is one of the best and effective ways to build awareness for your brand and products. Research by Sprout Social reveals that almost 80% of the marketers give brand awareness the top priority.

(Source: SproutSocial)

There are several social media platforms and you can choose one or multiple Social Media platforms to achieve your business goals.

Given the competitive social landscape and more and more businesses leveraging social media for business, getting your target audience’s attention is not an easy task today. Also, statistics reveal that there are about 3.2 billion social media users worldwide and the number is only growing. So how do you ensure that your social media strategy is good enough to attract your audience?

Here, we have listed 12 Tips to Increase Brand Awareness Using Social Media Channels.

1. Share Killer Content

Create new and relevant content that speaks for itself as you will have to share it across the social channels. However, if the content fails to address user's queries or doesn't deliver the value it won't be shared. If you want the content to be shared then you must make sure to produce some awesome content.

2. Avoid posting the same content on all channels

If you have to share the same content across or other information across all the social media channels, make sure to tweet the message in some way. It is not a wise decision to copy-paste the same post on each channel. Always make sure to post a unique message along with the information you wish to share.

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3. Stick to a Branding Style

Create a branding style guide and adhere to it. Define your brand’s colors, logo, and taglines and always use them. If you want people to recognize and remember you better then ensure that the branding is consistent across all your social media channels. This will also increase brand awareness and eventually ROI.

4. Use Quora

This oft-overlooked strategy is a great way to increase traffic to your website and build brand awareness. By simply answering questions on Quora you can close a deal and convert leads into customers. However, make sure to be subtle while answering the question and not pitch your sales too much. Most people will see right through your gimmicks and your account may even get suspended.

5. Start Blogging

It’s high time you start blogging. Make sure to include content that will not just educate your audience but also solve their queries and make their lives easier. You may then share the posts across all your channels and if the content is really good, it will get shared.

6. Find Influencers

This is a trending strategy and a great way to build brand awareness. All you need to do is find industry influencers and follow them. Understand what they are talking about and engage with them. You can use every opportunity to interact with their followers through comments, answers to questions, queries, etc.

7. Hold contests

Contests are a great way to engage with your audience. You can hold almost any type of contest. You can be at your creative best and share parameters of the contest on your social channels and let people enjoy playing the contest. There’s no denying that people love to compete and so will share your contest posts with others. This will help expand the reach of your brand and thereby its awareness.

8. Join Groups

Many social media handles have groups that revolve around certain topics. You can join the groups and interact with the members. Be careful not to make it obvious that you are there to sell your products or services. First, build your presence in the group and let the members follow you. This will eventually boost your brand awareness.

9. Use Trending Hashtags

Hashtags are trending and are here to stay! Use hashtags as liberally and as often as you can. Hashtags help put your posts in front of different audiences and are a great way to reach out to a large audience. It will help expand the reach of your brand to a great extent. So, make it a habit to use Hashtags as freely as you can.

10. Pay Close Attention to Feedbacks

Take feedback from your users seriously. Go through all the comments, likes, shares, etc., that your posts experience carefully. Use the insights gained to form a strategy to improve your brand.

11. Share Videos

Video content works incredibly well. It is a great way to grab your user’s attention. Make sure to include how-to-videos, product demos, animated videos, short videos of your products, etc., on your social channels. Most people like to share videos compared to infographics and text. So, make sure to have innovative and creative videos if you want to increase your brand awareness to a great extent.

12. Referrals

Want more people to know about your brand? Simply offer freebies to people who are willing to refer a new customer to you. This encourages people to share your company posts and win the freebie from the referral.


Simply put, increasing brand awareness is the way to stay ahead of the competition. However, do remember that there are many variables involved and you will have to have a different approach for different channels. With these tips, you can help build your brand presence easily which will eventually improve ROI and company growth.

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