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Google Search Performance Report: How to Get Fresh Data?

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Improved Search Console Performance Reports

As you know, the Search Performance report helps both the site owners as well as the webmasters to understand how their site performs on Google search and answer questions like;

  • How much traffic did my website get from Search and Discover? (General Statistics)

  • What are the website’s important and trending search queries? (Search queries)

  • Which pages of the website are successful on Google search? (Top content)

  • From which countries or devices is the site’s audience? (Site’s audience)

  • What are the search formats(AMP, recipes, etc) that the website gets?

The new fresh data will help users to see data that is as recent as a day old. This is a significant improvement compared to the previous few days.

The improved data can help address important issues such as:

  • The weekend performance on Monday morning instead of waiting till Wednesday

  • Check your website’s statistics the first thing in the morning after or even during important days such as shopping days, global events or holidays

  • Check if your website’s traffic rebounds immediately after fixing an important technical issue

Additionally, the report will also include communication such as the data timezone(Pacific time zone). This data is important when you would like to interpret the data compared to your local time or integrate it with sources such as Google Analytics.

As can be seen, each fresh data will be replaced with the final data after a few days. The fresh data may change slightly on a regular basis before being finalized.

Recently, the Discover performance report started supporting the fresh data.

Exporting performance data

To explore and export your Search Console performance data over time, you can simply choose ‘dates’, select the desired time frame and explore the data in Search Console or export the chart. Over time, you will be able to explore your performance trends and changes as well.


The fresh data will help you monitor your website’s performance in a better way and identify trends, patterns, and any other changes much closely when they happen. Additionally, the new date table dimension will help you explore the performance trends and changes over time.

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