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Latest updates in Google Search Console | Feb 2020

Updated: May 18, 2020

Latest Google Search console updates

Google added new enhancement reports, tools, and support for review snippets within Google Search Console. The new reports can help you debug issues, see how the snippets are performing, and much more. Google will also send email notifications of review snippet support issues via Search Console.

For the uninitiated, a review snippet is a short extract of a review or a rating from a website. It is usually the average of the combined rating scores from several reviewers. It is used by millions of websites and is one of the most used structured data types that is used for many content types such as movies, books, events, products, etc.

A featured snippet is generated when a site marks up its ratings or reviews with the appropriately structured data markup.

The new Search Console Reports are designed to help site owners to implement the review markup. The reports will track the performance of the rich results in search and also monitor if the review markup is implemented correctly.

Review Snippet Enhancement Report

The Review Snippet enhancement feature is available for all the websites that have implemented reviews or ratings structured data. The report will allow you to view warnings, errors, and valid pages for markup implemented on your website. Additionally, the enhancement report will also help you fix other enhancement reports that require a few items to be fixed. It will trigger a process where Google will recrawl your affected pages. The report is covering all the content types that are supported as review snippets.

Review Snippet Performance Report

Google has added a way (Search Console Performance report) to see the performance of your review or rating marked-up pages on Google Search and Discover using the “Review snippet “ search appearance filter. You can check the clicks, impressions, and CTR of the results and filter it further into more queries and other parameters.

Once you add Review snippets structured data to your pages, you can test them using the Rich Results Test tool. You can either submit a URL of a page or test a code snippet. The test will reveal errors or suggestions for your structured data.

In general, the new tools and reports should make it easier for you to understand how your marked-up review snippet pages perform on the search and also resolve any review issues.

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