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Top 9 Video Trends to Watch out for in 2019!

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Latest Video Trends in 2019!

Undoubtedly, videos have become an integral part of the Social Media Marketing Strategy of any business today. About 81% of the businesses use Video Advertising in their marketing strategy and 99% of those, plan to continue to do. However, despite the established popularity of videos, video trends continue to change with changing viewer preference.

Have a look at some of the trends in video marketing that you ought to consider in order to succeed.

1. Low Cost of Video Creation

Brands have realized the power of videos and most of them incorporate videos in their marketing strategy. However, most marketers have stated that they find it difficult to create videos quickly and efficiently as they are too time-consuming, expensive and tools are complicated.

Thankfully, all of that is changing. Today, most equipment and tools are less expensive and creating videos is much easy, simple and cheap. You may even shoot a video from your smartphone and edit it to suit your requirements.

In the future, the way videos are created, delivered and consumed will only get better. This bodes well for marketers.

2. The Rise of Short Stories

Short stories combined with images and/or video posts are a huge hit on Social Media. It was pioneered by Snapchat and later adopted by Instagram and Facebook.

With over 500 million people viewing Instagram stories, the short story format is highly popular with both audiences as well as advertisers.

Growth of Short Stories Data


3. Optimizing for NO Sound

It may sound weird but social media handles are not only changing the way a video is viewed but also the way it is heard. Most videos are viewed on mobile phones and have the sound off by default. To tackle this situation, most creators have started to develop content that can be viewed with the sound.

This sort of optimization will become increasingly important as more audiences will change their viewing and listening behavior in the future.

4. Improved Video options for marketers

Previously, marketers had two options - 15 seconds and 30 second pre-roll spots. Now, it is not the case.

Today, brands can choose from an incredible number of ad options from YouTube’s TrueView ads to Instagram’s Stories ads to Twitter’s in-stream video ads. Facebook is focussed on rolling out new ad products for videos.

Interestingly, many other Social Media Marketing platforms are also working to provide more and better options for marketers.

5. Platform specific targeting

There’s no doubt that videos are doing a great job for marketers. However, it also presents a challenge- you cannot simply create a video and distribute it over and over on the web.

In order to succeed, you need to optimize the video for not just the platform but also the delivery format.

6. Move over educational and informative videos

Although around 72% of consumers want to learn about products and services via videos, it is sometimes thought of as a boring move by marketers.

If you really want your brand to make the right impact, you will have to include customer testimonials and more creative pieces in the video. More and more brands today are putting in the effort, time and creativity.

7. Video- search engine bond strengthens

Videos in Google search

Like social media networks are integrating videos in their offerings, search engines are also doing the same.

In the past few years, videos have started appearing closer to the top of organic search results on mobile as well as desktop pages.

Some time back, Google announced that it would start using AI to identify video snippets related to search queries and auto-play the results directly on the results page.

This indicates the importance of videos and how they are becoming more accessible to search engines with each passing day. Videos will make it even more important to effective SEO Strategy and search-targeted Content Creation strategies.

If you are looking for some awesome video content for your business, contact us right away!

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