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LG reveals battery-powered face masks

Battery powered mask by LG

Wearing a mask has become the norm and even mandatory in many countries to help stem the spread of COVID-19. Many businesses have quickly capitalized on the situation and created custom-designed masks. Ahead of the IFA, LG has announced a battery-powered wearable air purifier mask.

The wearable air purifier is built into a mask form factor. According to LG, the mask’s “Respiratory Sensor” detects the wearer’s breath rhythm and adjusts the fan speed accordingly. The fans speed you when you inhale and slow down when you exhale.

The PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier mask contains an 820mAH battery that lasts up to eight hours of use in the low-power mode and only two hours when used in high-power mode. LG claims that it uses “extensive facial shape analysis” to minimize leakage and ensure it fits you snugly. Wearers can use the LG ThinQ app to get notifications whenever the filters need to be changed.

A major issue, however, is that the U.S Centers for Disease Control recommends against using masks with exhalation vents to prevent the spread of the virus. LG does not actually claim the mask to block Covid-19. While the HEPA filters can block respiratory particles, LG mentions only about clean air intake and not the expulsion of air.

LG announced the mask will be out in the fourth quarter. However, the company has not mentioned about the price or availability other than “select markets”.

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