Now, get Mysterious mode for Sanhok on PUBG Mobile

PUBG to launch its new Mysterious Jungle mode for Sanhok on June 1. With this new 0.18.0 update, PUBG Mobile has added the reworked Miramar, new weapons, Royale Pass Season 13, mechanics to the game, and even teased two new game modes. Jungle Adventures(Sanhok) and Bluehole Mode were introduced in the patch notes and will be soon available in the Classic and EvoGrounds selection screens respectively.

PUBG Mobile has shared a teaser poster on its Twitter account giving players the first look at the Jungle Adventure mode- Mysterious Jungle. The poster shows the game mode with a literal map of Sanhok on the ground with two players navigating through the jungle.

In the new mode, players queuing up for a match on Sanhok will have a random chance to enter the Jungle Adventure mode. However, there is no separate selection screen for this mode. Players will have to queue for a match in the Classic mode selection screen and then find a Mysterious Jungle match. The chances of finding the new mode are yet to be known.

The new Jungle Adventure mode has included features, mechanics, and challenges to Sanhok specific to this event. Players can look out for ancient “Totems” that can give them a blessing or an item. Additionally, the new mode includes a new type of consumable to the game known as ‘Jungle Food’ that are fruits found in Sanhok jungles.

You can see something like a peach in the player’s hand as he ‘drops’ the item to another player as seen in another teaser poster shared by PUBG Mobile.

As of now there no details about the mysterious effects or blessings offered by these new items. Also, the game mode has controllable Hot Air Balloons, that enable the players to observe the area around them from a vantage point. However, all these new features and mechanics will not be available in a Classic mode match on Sanhok.

Sometime back, PUBG Mobile added similar limited-time mechanics and features with the Arctic Mode.