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Reddit to expand its operations in Canada to boost its Ad business

Reddit is continuing the expansion and maximizing the opportunities of its ad business. It recently announced opening a new office in Canada which will include dedicated sales, management, community, and engineering teams in Toronto.

According to Reddit, Canada is the third-largest user base after the US and UK. A dedicated team based in Toronto is already partnering with local entities, establishing programs for community engagement, and servicing local brands and marketers. The entire program is managed by Tariq Mahmoud, Reddit’s Head of International. He also helmed Reddit’s 2020 expansion to the UK.

The new team will help Reddit to connect with local Canadian businesses and provide them with new avenues to connect with its engaged user base- Reddit notes.

Additionally, Reddit has also provided new insights into its Canadian audience where it is likely to see more growth in the market.

Statistics reveal that In Canada 59% of users skew young aged between 18-34 with 40% of users being female. Also, at 31 minutes a day, Reddit users in Canada spend more time in-app than other social media handles.

This will facilitate new opportunities for marketers though for some there is still some hesitancy around advertising in the app.

Previously, Reddit was seen as a lawless frontier of the web that can uphold free speech at all costs. However, now the platform looked to clean up its act to attract more usage and ad spend.

For example, last year, Reddit eliminated hate speech on its platform. It removed thousands of controversial subreddits which many users had been asking for action for many years. This was the latest update and change that Reddit implemented to ensure it was more into the mainstream expectation, which led to clashes among its long-time users as it tried to change the direction of the app.

That said, Reddit’s efforts have been paying off. Now, it has about 52 million daily active users across its vast range of highly active subreddits that cover almost every topic you can imagine.

Reddit notes that users in Canada are spending about 31 minutes per day in-app. According to eMarketer, people are now spending around 29 minutes on Instagram, 26 minutes on Snapchat, and 37 minutes per day on Facebook.

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