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Strategies to convert your LinkedIn Profile into a Lead Generating Machine!

How to get Leads from Linkedin

Do you think that LinkedIn is only to build a network with people from various industries? Well, think again. According to Neil Patel (SEO expert), LinkedIn can be used to generate over 200 leads per week. Don’t you want to do the same or maybe even better?

Here are a few strategies that will help you move in the right direction and turn your LinkedIn profile into a lead generating machine.

1. Target active, high-value users

Try to target people like Principals, senior-level managers, and executives as they not only have the highest-value but also happen to be the most active users. They are decision-makers and you will need their buy-in when you close the deal. Therefore, targeting them early on will only help your deal get through smoothly.

2. Use simple language and a friendly tone

Make sure to use simple and understandable language. Cut down on extra adjectives and conditionals. Focus on your product rather than prose for better results.

3. Display your website URL and other contact details

There’s no denying that LinkedIn can be a powerful lead generator but you cannot afford to close the deals on LinkedIn itself. Make sure to link out your corporate website or product-specific landing page to encourage interested prospects to take the next step and become paying customers.

4. Create topic-specific pages

It is important to create a LinkedIn page for each line of business. You can describe your solution diversity by using labels like “departments” or “topic domains”. While the labels don’t matter, it is important to funnel prospects to the most relevant service portfolios and close the deal.

5. Create your own LinkedIn Group

Start your own group on LinkedIn and interact with prospects and customers. Treat it as a social hub and offer your guidance and support to interested people. However, do note that a group will only augment solution and not replace your topic-driven pages.

6. Optimize your Value Proposition

You can use killer taglines as your value proposition to attract the attention of your audience. The content must be clear enough for people to understand what they can expect from you.

Find your value proposition and optimize it today!

Final words

It is important to be realistic about LinkedIn marketing goals. Simply implementing these strategies will not guarantee you immediate success. You can look to build your LinkedIn marketing operation with people who claim to have effective personal and corporate pages that generate leads and cultivate engagement.

If at first, you don’t succeed, it’s okay. You can tweak your strategies, experiment and see what works best for you.

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