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Top 10 free Instagram Analytics tools that you should be using in 2020

Top 10 free Instagram Analytics tools

Using Instagram for marketing has increased significantly over the last few years.

Though you may use it for marketing purposes, tracking Instagram metrics will help you engage your audience, grow your following and generate more revenue. In addition, knowing your metrics will help you resolve any issues and get it back on track.

Once you have an Instagram Business Profile, you will have access to Instagram Insights that will provide you with a range of statistics and analytics for the average Instagram user. Additionally, there are a few free Instagram analytics tools that will help you get the required performance statistics.

Have a look at some of the best free Instagram analytics tools

1. Instagram Insights

This is a free in-house analytics tool by Instagram. Along with analytics about your content, it provides you with data on your followers, actions, and demographics. However, you will have to make a switch from your personal account to a business account to gain access to Instagram Insights.

You can access Instagram Insights in three ways;

  • Individual posts

  • Your Stories

  • From your profile

You will get data for the content you have posted in the last seven days. It will show you how many followers you have and gained in the last seven days. It will also show you all the posts you have made and added in the last seven days.

Instagram Insights will also provide you with data such as total impressions, its reach and profile views in the last week. You can simply swipe to view website clicks and call-to-action button clicks (Call, Email, Directions).

Additionally, Instagram Insights provides you with more statistics such as;

  • Data for every post

  • Instagram Stories insights

  • Summary of follower demographics

  • Paid promotions data (only if you have)

2. Squarelovin

This free tool provides all the data you would need to conduct your analysis on your progress in the last year. For instance, you can get a monthly report on your posts or a break-up on your posts by month, day or even hour. Additionally, Squarelovin provides you with insights on your followers’ interest and how to drive engagement to your posts.

Squarelovin lets you figure out the best time to post, depending on when your followers use the app the most.

3. Hashtagify

This tool provides you with free Instagram Hashtag analytics.

Hastagify will let you know popular hashtags used by top influencers, the time of the day it is used the most and how well it is performing over time. It will also provide you with projections on how well the hashtags perform in the future.

While they offer plenty of more options in their paid version, you can use the base tool for free and get information on how your hashtags are being used.

4. Iconosquare

This is one of the best Instagram solutions for social media marketing. It not only lets you schedule new posts but also monitor what people are saying about your brand and track your Instagram analytics. The analytics gives you information about your posts’ reach, trends related to your engagement and impressions and even on the performance of Instagram Stories.

This tool includes competitor tracking and hashtag that allows you to compare with people and topics they are interested in. Iconosquare comes with a two-week free trial in addition to a selection of free tools such as Instagram Audit.

5. Union Metrics

The Union Metric tool not just helps you measure the effectiveness of Instagram but also on Twitter and Facebook. Although it is not a free tool, it offers a free monthly Instagram account checkup. It will provide you with data of the last 30 days such as which hashtags will improve your engagement, which is your most popular post and what time your followers use the app.

While it cannot provide you with analytics beyond 30 days, you can use the information to take a look at the short-term themes and patterns and learn to improve your metrics.

6. Socialbakers

Trust Socialbakers to provide you with a free report on your popular Instagram photos, filters, hashtags and interactions with your followers.

While the report is visually appealing, navigating it is slightly difficult.

Socialbakers also offers you an Instagram Report that lets you compare your own Instagram account with your competitors’ to understand where you stand in your industry and what you can do to improve it.

7. Crowdfire

Crowdfire allows you to schedule posts, monitor performance and track mentions of your brand.

Interestingly, this tool delivers articles and image recommendations from other websites and helps you curate content related to your industry. It also offers a dedicated Chrome extension that helps you share articles. This will help you understand what content to include in your Instagram strategy to expand your visibility.

Although the tool offers analytics that is limited to one day, you can use the data to analyze same-day analytics.

8. Pixlee

This free tool lets you create shareable weekly reports along with analysis and metrics that help you drive more engagement and attract new followers.

You can use the data to find your brand advocates talking about your brand, identify Instagram influencers and connect with them. Pixlee lets you monitor conversations and identify top-performing content. Additionally, the tool includes hashtag statistics and tracking, growth in followers and other information required to identify engaging posts.

Popular brands like Cole Haan, Kenneth Cole, Tarte, Carnival, Rawlings, Sonos, and Morphe leverage Pixlee to improve their Instagram strategy.

9. Followers Pro+

This tool helps you track new followers and see who has unfollowed you.

Followers Pro+ also suggests to you who you follow even though they don’t follow you. You can use this information to determine what content drives your followers away and who you need to engage with for more time. Although it is a great tool to try, it has a few bugs that make it slightly unappealing.

10. RivaIQ

RivalQ is one of the best Instagram analytics tools to be used in a saturated niche. It allows you to compare your statistics with your competitors’.

It gives you access to categories such as activity, engagement and audience metrics and helps you compare with stats of your competitors’.


Instagram Insights are great but third-party tools also offer good reports and insights to your Instagram strategy. You can focus on key statistics and use them to refine your Instagram content and marketing.

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