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Top 4 Google My Business fields that affect the ranking

Google My Business SEO

There's no denying that Google My Business allows many customization options to your profile. However, when it comes to ranking on the SERP, four fields show a significant impact.

In this article, we discuss the four fields that have a direct influence on the local results on Google.

1. Business name

Yes, you read that right! The business name has the most weight and a huge impact on your ranking. Though unfortunate, it is true. However, if you do happen to have a keyword-rich business name, you will see an advantage.

Interestingly, Bing allows you to have descriptors in your business name. So, if you want to see your business ranking higher, you must give it a try!

2. Categories

The second field that influences the ranking is the categories. While it may sound simple, as you get to choose the categories, it is not so.

You can add 10 categories, however, you need to note that Google has around 4000 categories and they keep adding or removing them sometimes. On average, there are about two to 10 changes every month to categories. Sometimes, Google adds one that did not exist earlier. For instance, last year, there have been a lot of categories related to restaurants and auto dealers. Also, some industries like dentists got one new category for dental implants a few months ago. So, categories is a section that you will have to keep track of.

3. Website

This field may be something you do want to think about and even think of testing what page to link to your Google My Business listing. While the most common practice is to link to the homepage, businesses with multi-location presence should consider linking it to a location page.

If you’re a business having different listings like you have many departments or you have practitioner listings, you may want to try and make sure that you link all those different pages to your site. This will maximize your exposure and ensure that you’re not trying to rank all the listings for the same thing. It is not possible as they will get filtered. So, it is recommended that you do some testing on your website and see what works best for you.

4. Reviews

Unbelievable right? Though annoying, review quantity does make an impact on your ranking. There are a lot of reasons as a business, why you need to focus on reviews- they have a significant impact on ranking. There have been instances where businesses lost reviews and within 24- 48 hours, they actually saw a drop in their ranking. So, it is true and relevant and important to keep in mind when coming up with a marketing strategy for your business.

For example, let’s say you go from having no reviews to having about 20-30 reviews, you might start seeing an improvement in your rankings, which is great! However, if the reviews go up from 30 to say 70 or more, you may not see the same impact in your ranking. So, it is important to keep this in mind.

Now that you know the fields that impact your ranking, it’s time to know about the fields that do not affect your rankings.

1. Q and A

Yes, the Q and A section is something that does not influence your ranking at all. While it may not appear in your dashboard, the is a Q& A panel on Google. You will get an email alert if somebody posts a question to your listing.

So, this is one area where you can manipulate ranking for your clients.

2. Services

The services section is another field that does not impact ranking. The service section allows you to put all kinds of descriptive words and tell Google a lot about the different services you offer. However, whatever you add to the description will have no bearing on your ranking and it may not be a great idea to spend a lot of time writing the description.

Additionally, the description is not at all visible on the desktop. If you’re viewing it on a mobile device, it’s sort of hidden off to a tab. So, the services section does not have a lot of weight and you may spend only a little of your time on it.

3. Products

Google launched this feature about a year ago and it’s available on most listings. Google is slowly rolling it out to all listing currently except for a few categories.

The product section is very visual and is great for businesses that offer products and services. Such businesses can list all their products with photos. The products section is also highly visible on the knowledge panel of both desktops as well as on mobile. Though you can use the product section for your business, it does not impact ranking. However, it does affect the conversions for some industries.

For example, if you are a florist or a car dealer, you should fill out the product section and keep it up to date with all the products you are offering.


In summary, it can be said that four fields you can actually utilize inside Google My Business will influence your ranking. If you want your business to rank higher on SERPs, connect with us today!

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