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Top 5 Digital Marketing trends you should know in 2020!

Top 5 Digital Marketing trends 2020

Digital marketing is ever-evolving and most businesses find it difficult to keep track of the latest trends. Although digital marketing has been around for quite many years, its importance has seen new heights during the outbreak. Thus, it has become even more important to know the latest practices to keep your business thriving especially during the crisis.

Here are the top 5 digital marketing trends in 2020 that you should keep track of.

1. Social Media

It is 2020 and social media usage has spiked more than ever. Therefore, it is important to leverage the medium for your digital marketing strategy. Studies show that there is a significant increase in the use of social media on desktop websites.

You may consider spending more of your ad money on websites. However, you will have to focus on helping your audience instead of selling this time around. You can achieve this by posting positive content, leveraging live streams, or your audience’s quarantine stories.

These strategies will help you stay connected with your community. With social distancing and lockdowns imposed across the globe, these strategies will not only help spread positivity but also keep your audiences engaged and entertained.

2. Email Marketing

While you can rely on social media for quick updates and photos, email marketing is essential as it helps provide your customers with vital information. You can use email marketing to send long posts and personalized content.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to notify your audience about business updates, policy changes, shipping information, etc. This will keep your email subscribers updated about any important information about your brand and remain in the loop.

3. SEO and other technical components

Make sure to provide your users with great user experience (UX) if you want your users to keep coming back to you. Use compressed files and secure connections to improve your site speed and making it as navigable as possible. Keep your website simple and allow users to access information easily from your website. In general, look for ways to reduce the number of steps customers have to take to complete the desired action.

Apart from the technical aspects of your websites you must also make sure to optimize your website for search engines. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the best practices to make your website search engine optimized. As the SEO practices are constantly changing, it is important to stay up to date with the latest SEO trends.

Some important aspects to keep in mind when considering your SEO strategy are keywords, backlinks, blog quality, website content, user experience, and other ranking factors.

4. Maintain your online reputation

It is important to maintain your online reputation especially during times of crisis. It helps in retaining customers and attracting prospective customers. Make sure to keep track of reviews online and see what others are talking about your brand.

During a crisis, it is important to be transparent with your customers and keep updating them about your business. Now, safety is everybody’s top priority and so you can keep your customers informed about the steps you are taking to ensure their safety.

Monitor questions asked by your customers and provide them with the needed answers. Don’t be afraid to show vulnerability while answering the questions. You may address any obstacle faced by your business and what you are doing to overcome them.

5. Outreach

Outreach is an important aspect of any marketing strategy. Remember, search engines consider both- website content as well as the authority of your website. This is indicated partially by the age of your website and amount of websites (and the quality) linking to your website.

Outreach for link building typically means to interact with other businesses and websites and looking for opportunities to provide them with important information. You may consider connecting with media sources looking for information about your industry.

Wrapping up

To sum up, it can be said that you need to stay up to date with your marketing strategies to stay relevant. Use these digital marketing trends of 2020 to improve your digital marketing campaigns and help your business scale during these trying times.

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