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Top 8 ways to use LinkedIn Mobile app for business

Linkedin for Business

Wondering how to leverage the LinkedIn mobile app for your business?

In this post, you will discover eight proven ways to use LinkedIn mobile app and maximize productivity.

1. Get more characters in your headline

It might be easier to update your LinkedIn profile on desktop than mobile. However, there is a limit of 120- characters on your headline. When you search for connections or view content on LinkedIn, you will see their name, profile photo, and headline. The default “job title and company name” headline is limited to 120 characters and can be restrictive if you want to be more creative.

You can add some extra characters to your headline via the LinkedIn mobile app. This may or may not be helpful as sometimes the headline gets cropped in both mobile as well as desktop views. However, if you are struggling to fit your message within 120 characters, you can edit your profile via the mobile app.

2. Personalize LinkedIn connection request

Sending a personalized message with your LinkedIn connection is a great way to make the first impression. Not only will it let you stand out from the crowd but it will also let you start a conversation and build relationships.

Remember, if you are using LinkedIn to build a powerful network, people are more likely to accept invitations that include personalized messages.

You can personalize a connection request using the LinkedIn mobile app. Check for the More button near the top(three dotes on LinkedIn signals a pop-up menu). Select the Personalize Invite option from the menu and add a message before you send the invitation. Your message can be up to 300 characters that are sufficient to put your point across and explain why it be helpful for you to connect.

How to write personalized invite on linkedin

3. Send a message

You can write messages to your connections. You’ll see a red number next to the messaging icon at the top of the screen when you have new messages. Tap the icon to open the Messaging screen. You can then respond to messages or search for a connection to start a new message.

To compose a new message, tap on the + button to the left of “Write a message” and view options to add an attachment or search for a photo, GIF, video, etc.

Message on Linkedin

The menu also includes a prompt to "@Mention" another LinkedIn user in the conversation to let someone know your location if you’re trying to meet up or access the calendar to check availability to schedule a future call or meeting.

Sharing your location is a one-time activity that is saved within the message to your connection. LinkedIn does not store or collect any location data.

4. Sync your calendar to see LinkedIn profiles of Meeting Attendees

Use the mobile app to do any last-minute preparation for your meeting by checking the LinkedIn profiles of other attendees. To do this, you need to sync your Android or iPhone’s device’s calendar. However, first, enable the calendar permissions in your phone settings.

Tap on your profile photo on iOS and click the blue Settings link in the pop-out menu. Next, toggle Sync Calendar to the right.

How to Sync contacts on Linkedin

5. Find LinkedIn members near you

Use the Find Nearby feature in the LinkedIn mobile app to discover other LinkedIn members around you using Bluetooth sharing. This feature is particularly useful if you’re attending events and want to see who is present in the room or if you can’t remember a face.

First, activate Bluetooth on your mobile device and then tap the My Network tab in the mobile app and tap the blue circle button. Next, tap the Find Nearby icon in the pop-up menu to see all nearby LinkedIn members.

Find Nearby on Linkedin

6. Use LinkedIn QR codes to quickly connect with others

QR Code on Linkedin

If you want to quickly connect with people you meet offline, find and share your unique QR code.

Open the LinkedIn mobile app and tap the QR code icon at the right end of the search bar to find QR code.

You will see two tabs when the code screen opens- Scan and My Code. Click on the My Code tab to find your code for sharing. Use the Scan tab to scan someone else’s code and go to their LinkedIn profile directly.

7. Access the latest News

Catch up on the latest updates from your network and companies you follow in the news feed when you’re away from your desk. You can even like, comment, and share on content using the LinkedIn mobile app.

LinkedIn provides timely and topical insights when relevant. So, it is important to view the day’s top professional news stories and conversations. However, it is easy to miss out to follow as you can reach this section by clicking into the search bar.So, don’t forget to look for the news there.

News on Linkedin

8. Post

You can post content updates to your network via the mobile app. However, you cannot publish a long-form post on mobile yet.

Tap on Write a Post on the mobile app to see options to add images, documents, and videos. LinkedIn will then prompt you to add hashtags to help the right people see your post.

Additionally, you will see options such as Find an Expert, Celebrate on Occasion, and Create a Poll.

Writing a post on Linkedin


According to LinkedIn, 57% of their traffic is mobile. These LinkedIn mobile app features will help you connect even when you’re away from your desk and get real-time notifications and messages from your existing connections.

Note: This article focuses on the uses of LinkedIn and its main mobile app that is available on both Android as well as iOS. LinkedIn has many other mobile apps such as LinkedIn SlideShare, LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn Learning, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

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