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What’s new in WhatsApp Business beta for Android 2.19.117?

WhatsApp has recently updated its Google Play Beta Program up to version 2.19.117.

A few things you should be aware of before getting to know the updates are:

  • The new Dark Spash Screen is available

  • The Home tab is not yet made available

  • WhatsApp is working on providing you with bug-free experience before the release by working on its feature in the recent updates

  • As it is under development stage, there is no issue if you have updated your WhatsApp beta version and it’s not visible

  • The feature will be released soon

Have a look at the additions in the new update

Dark Splash Screen

(Source: Wabetainfo)

The Dark Splash Screen was implemented in WhatsApp Messenger beta for Android 2.19.311. The dark screen is visible for everyone having an Android version that supports the Dark Mode. The updated version for WhatsApp Business has the same redesigned Dark Splash Screen.

Linked Accounts

(Source: Wabetainfo)

This feature will allow you to link your account to external services such as Facebook.

This way your customers can find your account easily!

More new hidden references about Linked Accounts will be available in the future.

For more details on Linked Accounts, you may refer to the old article.

New Home Tab

(Source: Wabetainfo)

WhatsApp had included a Camera tab in both iOS as well as Android apps. However, it was not liked by most users and yet WhatsApp never removed the tab.

The latest update will completely remove the Camera tab in the Business version and replace it with a Home tab. WhatsApp Messenger will continue to have the Camera tab.

The Home tab will include all the important shortcuts that WhatsApp Business offers for its features.

WhatsApp will soon release the update that will include the new tab. However, as the Home tab is ready, we believe its update will be available soon.

We will soon update this news. Stay tuned!

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