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What is Dark Mode in WhatsApp? How to Use Dark Mode?

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Whatsapp Dark Mode

For some time now, WhatsApp Dark Mode has been in development for Android and iPhone chat service. However, the latest WhatsApp beta version for Android revealed some notable tweaks related to the ongoing development.

The beta update includes a new avatar for placeholders for the WhatsApp Dark Mode. Interestingly, a new VoIP screen is also in place with dark elements. The screen appears when a user receives a WhatsApp call. Although these changes are a part of the Android beta version of WhatsApp, they aren’t visible to the public yet.

The new changes of Dark Mode are available in WhatsApp beta version 2.19.354 for Android. It includes the avatar images (icons) for individual profiles, broadcasts, and groups with a grey background. According to reports by WhatsApp beta watcher WABetaInfo, these images would be available once the WhatsApp Dark Mode is enabled.

(Source: Dribbble)

By default, WhatsApp has the avatar images with a green background that matches the dark green ribbon at the top. However, it has changed in the latest WhatsApp beta with new WhatsApp Dark Mode elements.

Additionally, the latest beta version for Android devices has a new VoIP screen dark elements to support the Dark Mode. The new screen will have a dark tint to the new screen that will help reduce strain on the eyes to a certain extent. More interface-level changes are likely to take place before WhatsApp will make the Dark Mode available to the public.

You can download the latest WhatsApp beta version on your Android device directly via Google Play beta program or through its APK.

Last week, WhatsApp beta version 2.19.348 for Android devices was released. It included the self-destructing ‘delete messages’ feature. This feature allows users to time the message they want to be visible to their contacts.

How to enable Dark Mode?

The dark mode is one of the much-awaited features in WhatsApp and as of March 3, 2020, it is rolling out to all WhatsApp users across the globe.

Here’s how you can enable the dark mode in WhatsApp for Android.

1. Open WhatsApp on the home screen or from the app drawer.

2. Click on the action overflow menu (three vertical dots at the top right corner).

3. Press on Settings.

4. Select Chats

5. Select Themes

6. Select dark, in the Choose Themes dialog box.

7. “Switch to a dark theme” will appear.

That's it! Dark mode will be enabled on your Android device.

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