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Why Instagram is today’s phenomenon?| Quest For Tech

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Why Instagram is today’s phenomenon?

Social Media is currently the most trending and popular thing in the world today.

However, it is Instagram that is creating the most buzz. Most millennials prefer subtlety to bling and glamour. Instagram offers users unmatched visual subtlety. That is one of the biggest reasons for Instagram’s immense popularity. In short, Instagram has built its popularity by giving common people access to a visual world of social media.

Have a look at some of the reasons behind the popularity of Instagram and what makes it a cultural phenomenon.

The first reason for its popularity is its image first format. We all know that humans are more receptive to visual input than audios or written texts. Most people lead a fast-paced life and hardly have the time to read or listen to boring audio. They prefer using social media to break away from their mundane life as it offers easy to intercept catchy images.

  • Instagram helps fulfill the self-esteem of people by the number of likes earned on a post and by the number of followers a user holds.

  • Instagram is an excellent platform to promote products and services to a large audience at a minimal cost. It is, therefore, a preferred platform of most businesses across the globe.

  • Among all the social media, Instagram is the most up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, and features. All the new updates are made by keeping in mind the creative interests of content creators and ensure to keep the users glued to the platform.

  • Instagram is less complicated than other social media and is much easier to navigate. Thus, it is preferred over other social media.

Why do users buy followers?

The answer is fairly simple- buying Instagram followers enhances users standing in social media and also improves their overall experience.

While businesses can include paid followers to increase sales, an individual user may use them to increase their popularity and boost their esteem. Smaller businesses can include paid followers to educate the audience about their products and services and increase their visibility.

Some individuals can even buy followers to improve their image among their friends and become an influencer on social media.

Bloggers from different niches can also buy followers to put their Instagram into better light.

Is it Recommended to buy Followers on Instagram?

Fake followers are the worst! Don't try to buy followers just to show the numbers on your Followers List. Most of them would be spams who would never show any other interest in your content.

Try to Promote your content to the right audience and let your audience grow organically rather than pushing hard for getting numbers.

The other disadvantage is, your might buy 1 Million followers but your traction on posts will be the same. Like for instance after 1 Million Paid Followers you will still get 200 Likes at max which is your organic traffic and those who might have got added during promotions.

The imbalance is pretty much visible and so don't fall in prey for such lucrative things as this will not work in favor of your brand.

Final Words

Instagram offers vast possibilities for improvement and enhancement. It is a great platform to test your creative limits. With vast audience active on the platform, its a great tool for your business growth and enhancement.

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