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YouTube’s new update gives creators more control over copyright claims!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

YouTube Copywrite Rules

The latest Studio update from YouTube is helping people deal with copyright claim disputes in a better way.

The new update allows creators to address copyright issues directly from their digital back-end workspace and gives them the option to remove the claimed content in question.

According to a Google product blog, the new “Assisted Trim” option is rolling out with the new Studio update with the “endpoints of the edit pre-set to where the claimed content appears.

(Source: The Verge)

Soon, adjustable endpoints will be allowed so that creators can trim a specific portion of their video that makes the most sense.

Music labels or third-party companies and creators always have copyright disputes on YouTube. However, YouTube has tried to work with different companies to make sure that creators do not face copyright claims. However, it is not an easy task. Earlier this year, creators accused Universal Music (owner of largest catalogs of songs) of being overzealous with copyright claims.

In July, YouTube rolled out a new policy addressing concerns, keeping in mind copyright owners like Universal must state exactly where copyrighted content appears in a video, something which they did not have to do earlier when reporting a case of copyright infringement.

Additionally, creators can easily filter through their video feeds in Studio to see which videos faced copyright claims, leading to demonetized statuses or complete blocking of videos.

To be more transparent, YouTube is showing copyright strikes that are far more severe and different than copyright claims directly on their Studio Dashboard.

According to YouTube’s blog post, many more updates will be rolled out in 2020 that will enable creators to get through copyright claims that often plague their experience.

For now, YouTube is trying to make it easier to work with copyright claims, keep an eye on what’s getting hit and appeal the ones they think are unfair.

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