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PPC or SEM is a faster way of Promoting your Brand at Scale!

Promoting your brand is as important as having wonderful content. You cannot do with just either of the two. You need to promote your content at the right places if you want your brand to get noticed and we help you do just that!

As the name suggests, in PPC you need to pay for the ad space in exchange of its use. Pay-per-click or PPC in short, you will have to pay each time a user clicks on your ad. It is a way of buying visits to your site instead of earning them organically. PPC can be highly profitable if done properly. 

Our team of certified PPC and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) experts is on a continuous lookout of something new. This leverages us with better results and faster implementation as per your Goals. 

Our Expertise ranges in the following platforms. You can click on them to reach to their section directly: 

Process of PPC

Process of PPC is not as simple as it looks. After years of dealing with multiple clients in multiple categories, we have understood and defined a basic process of PPC Campaigns. It is: 

Google Ads

Google is where most people search for what to buy, what to do and where to go. It has grown and will continue to grow with more and more businesses coming online.


Google AdWords, now known as Google Ads is the most popular PPC advertising system used across the globe. It allows businesses an interesting opportunity to find new ways to reduce their advertising cost and maximize growth.

There are a huge variety of Ads which Google offers and every Ad is different as per your goal. The Ads keep evolving but here are few Ads that Google is providing: 


Facebook Ads

Facebook is still the king for many brands when it comes to social media ads. It gives a wide gamut of options that can be utilized on your ads for maximum audience engagement.


You can target your audience based on geography, demography, profession, interests, etc. while determining the pay-per-click amount.

These huge options in Facebook Ads have to be understood well before promoting your Product or Service, as there are tonnes of parameters to reach the right audience.


Some of the Ad types for Facebook Marketing are as below: 

Instagram Ads

Although similar to Facebook ads, Instagram ads are a powerful way to focus on the youth audience, at the right time with the right images and messages.


According to Instagram, about 60% of users have discovered new products on its platform and about 75% of users have taken an action after going through a post.

Though you can do the Ads directly from Facebook and run them on Instagram, Instagram is slowly evolving to give more power to the platform by making it stand alone. 

Linkedin Ads

When it comes to engaging B2B customers, nothing beats LinkedIn.


Linkedin is a platform where people share ideas, innovations, blogs and interesting articles. It is filled with people on the top of the companies and you can get in touch with them very easily. 

But how to start Linkedin Ads? 

Do not worry about that, Linkedin has a similar backend as of Facebook but with lesser options. They are still in the evolving stage but the Ads are targeted very well. Here are some of the Ad Types on Linkedin. 

Linkedin has been updating its Advertising Platform continuously and you will see more and more Marketing options to reach your audience. Currently few of the options are: 

Twitter Ads

Twitter ads are a powerful way to get your tweet the right attention that it deserves. Twitter is operated by many powerful leaders and many companies around the world. 

Though Twitter Ads are not that popular, Twitter is trying to increase the engagement to increase its revenue through them. 

Just like Facebook Ads, Twitter started with a small amount of options which are increasing with more options to reach people the right way. As the major audience on Twitter are Millennials, you can focus your marketing campaigns keeping in mind the buying audience. 


Snapchat Ads

Snapchat is growing popularity among youngsters in the age group of 18 - 24 and has an astonishing 3 Billion Snaps created every day. 

Snapchat Ads are a great way to reach those target group with your tonnes of creative tools like AR Filters, Geo Tags, Face Swap and so much more. 

Running Ads on Snapchat is really fun and the amount of conversion for a B2C client is astonishing. The powerful full screen Story Ads are a great way to impact a purchase decision for your products or services. 

Some of the Snapchat Ad Types are: 

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