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Search Engine Optimization

A Slow but Growing

process to take you on top

A Brief History


In the 1990’s, search engines were not as effective as they are today. They mainly focused on keyword matching and backlinks. 


It was relatively easy for websites to rank higher by targeting their exact keywords with plenty of backlinks. People used to fill their content with necessary keywords and got listed on multiple portals and it was done! 

However, today the scenario is different and you cannot rely on the traditional SEO practices anymore.


You need to implement the latest SEO techniques and SEO strategies if you want to be ahead of your competitors. And that is where we come into the picture.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is widely called nowadays more important than ever. In simple terms, SEO is a set of rules that helps optimize your website for the search engines and boost your search engine rankings.


It is a measurable and repeatable process that sends signals to the search engines indicating your pages are worth being indexed. in Digital Marketing SEO Optimization is an organic way of promoting your business online such that it increases traffic, boosts lead generation and eventually increases your revenue. Although it takes some time to show results, it is a must if you do not wish to lag behind your competitors.

Search engines like Google,Yahoo, Bing, etc want to provide the best services to their users. This means they are constantly crawling or scanning different websites to understand what the site is about and also deliver the results to the users. Search engines provide users with the most relevant and informative quality content.


Why SEO?

SEO helps drive high-quality leads and traffic to your website for FREE!

Is there any more reason you want?

SEO Strategies is a great way to get your business growing but it is definitely great for people to explore wider options. Your presence online gives a sign of Genuineness to the target audience and your Ratings will impact their decision. Benefits of SEO services are:


SEO makes your

Website Better


Increases your 

Brand Awareness






Loyal Customers

Let's Talk Data


With over 85% of users employing different search engines to find websites, the search engine is the number one source of traffic to your website.


And if your website does not rank higher on the search engine pages, you are likely to lose to your competitors every minute.


A recent study reveals that the top three organic search ranking positions result in almost 40% of all the click-through's while almost 30% of results on 1st page of Google while 2nd Page of Google don’t get clicked at all.


So, if you are not "PAGE 1", you need to be!


SEO service is critical to a brand’s online presence today and is always going to be the best online marketing tool for increasing sales and conversion rates.

SEO Process

You might have thoughts "Is SEO good for my business?" The answer is,

If you have a website, an SEO service is for you! 

SEO marketing campaigns is not a single approach to bring your website up but to increase your Brand presence on all fronts where people can search for you, be it Google Maps, a particular service, in Emails, in Blogs, in mentions and in so many other places where your undiscovered audience might be. 

After years of experience in innovating, our best SEO company Toronto is trying to crack the code of every new update and optimize websites for higher ranking. We have found a set of processes that we can implement to improve your ranking faster.


1. SEO Audit

An in-depth Analysis of your website is done to find the loopholes


3. Research

Once we clear the basics, it's time to dive deep in the ocean of SEO Optimization.


5. Off-Page

This is not the final step but a crucial step so your content spreads across the globe.


2. Competitor Analysis

Staying ahead of competition is always great and we take this step in regular check!


4. On-Page

The next step is a complete website makeover so Google finds it pleasing!


6. Reporting

A detailed report is crucial to know the progression of each step as we go-ahead

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