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A Brief

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a way to reach your Audience, a Better Way!

SMM is a powerful way of using social media platforms to promote your services and products. Social media marketing helps improve website traffic and help businesses reach to a larger audience. Additionally, it also serves as a valuable venue for better learning and understanding of your target audience.

Customers are interacting with their favourite brands through social media handles. So, if you are not there yet, you are missing out on a lot of action!

Let us share some mind-blowing facts: 



Did you know that World Population is around 7.7 Bn and Social Media has 4.4 Bn



91% of Retail Brands are using more than one Social Media Platform for promotions


Video Views

55 million hours of Video content is watched every day only on YouTube...


Time Spent

An average youth spends more than 4 hours of their day on Social Media!



An estimated $78 Bn were spent on Social Media in the year of 2018!



Facebook & WhatsApp alone manages 60 Bn Messages shared EVERYDAY



Facebook marketing is on the rise. It has retained its spot with more daily visitors than any other social media handles. With over 2 billion active users and increasing, it caters to every type of audience.


If you want to make the most of your social media strategy then you must leverage Facebook opportunities.


Facebook requires an active social media marketing strategy. It has a casual and friendly environment and gives more importance to the visual component. And we have the expertise to provide you with the best Facebook marketing strategy.

Let us now bore you with more Benefits of Facebook as you might already know, let us share you something interesting about Facebook: 


400 new users Sign up every Minute on Facebook


FB Messenger has over 1.2 billion monthly active users.


22% of Total World Population is on Facebook



With over 800 million monthly users, Instagram has dominated the social media world. It is a platform that allows brands to showcase their products,recruit new talent and inspire their audience.


Instagram users are not just active, they are engaged.


Instagram can also help you introduce products and enhance brand awareness. It helps you promote your brand and products in an authentic way and without being too intrusive. 

Instagram has a great youth audience that you can attract organically. 

So, if you are still not on Instagram, we will help you get there.


Like Button is hit more than 4.2 Bn times in a Single Day!


Brands have 10x higher engagement than Facebook


Sponsored videos get 3x more engagement than photos


LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms for professional requirements. It is a great venue to network with people from similar industries and share content with like-minded people.


LinkedIn is also used to post jobs and extensively used to improve networking.


We take business networking to the next level by way of effective content. We encourage customers to give your business a recommendation and make your business more credible to potential customers.

Let's see some of the breathtaking data of this platform:


61 million+ users are senior level influencers on the platform 


9 billion content impressions feed every week.


Linkedin has 3x more conversion than Facebook and Twitter




Broadcast your updates on Twitter!


You can gain a steady list of followers by simply following tweeters in your industry or related industries.


You can use Twitter to update about discounts, special and news in a fun way. Twitter revolves around communication; therefore, you must answer your user’s query and interact as much possible with them. You need to retweet when a customer says something good about you.


We help build a steady stream of followers through our effective strategies. Leave it to us and we will not disappoint you.


500 million tweets are sent each day which comes to 5787 / sec


Life of a general Tweet lasts for not more than 24 minutes


World Leaders prefer Twitter and so 83% share ideas on their Page


No other social media platform beats YouTube when it comes to creating and sharing videos. Businesses can leverage this incredibly powerful tool and improve their ROI like never before!


We focus on creating instructive and engaging videos and improve your visibility online.

Organic visibility is equally important and so Trending topics and videos which are out of the box get much higher engagement and views than the regular videos. 

Here are some astonishing numbers of YouTube: 


People watch more than 1 Billion hours of video every day!


Life of a general Tweet lasts for not more than 24 minutes


World Leaders prefer Twitter and so 83% share ideas on their Page



Snapchat, the king among youth. Snapchat is so much accepted by the youth audience that Brands like Coke and Pepsi have shifted their branding focus on Snapchat to attract a younger audience. 

Though Snapchat has been in a lot of controversies, the platform still strives among the younger audience and is a great channel to promote! 

Though the number of active users have been staggering, the brand seems to have a loyal audience who do not wish to leave the platform so easily. 

Let us see some data: 


There are more than 3 Billion Snaps created Everyday!


Average time spent by a user is astonishing

30+ minutes


Average Age Group of audience on Snapchat is between 13 - 24


Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. It is image & design- centred which is ideal for retail businesses, local Entrepreneurs and creative minds to reach a wide audience with similar frequency. 


Pinterest can be used to showcase your brand offerings and develop them with the help of unique pinboards.


Pinterest is a great platform for Designers and Photographers to meet their ideal clients and the stats have been mind boggling. 

Let us see how Pinterest has grown over the years:


Currently there are more than 200 million active user every month


Females dominate this platform with more than 80% of user base


More than 50% women have bought seen the promoted pin!


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